Do We Become More Cynical About Love as We Get Older?

The world watched in May of this year as a special royal wedding took place inside St. George’s Chapel at Windsor. There have been several royal weddings over the years. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials took a different stage than ones before it.  The couple was everything but traditional as far as royalty dictates. They broke many of the old world rules that check the boxes when marrying a British royal. But, they fell in love and wanted to marry, sounds simple enough – no?

Earlier this week the official photographs of the Duke and Duchess’ wedding were released to the public. As I looked at the stunning pictures there was one that truly captivated me. It’s a black and white photo of the couple sitting on the stairs of Windsor Castle. Her body resting on him as he sat facing the camera. They were all smiles seemingly quite comfortable leaning against one another. A relaxed and genuinely blissful expression in the newlyweds faces. I went back and checked other photos of past royal weddings. Previous couples were in formal poses with a limited display of affection. Is it possible that this young couple married because they loved each other and had a strong desire to build a life together? Of course, everyone seemed to have an opinion prior to the wedding. Is it possible Ms. Markle was in it to get rich? Did she fake love for Prince Harry to acquire status? The comments were rampant and unfair, I think.

I’ve had trips to divorce court. It is unfortunate but life doesn’t always work out the way we plan. It’s actually the opposite, sometimes it’s the things we don’t plan that bring the most meaning to our lives. People are complicated filled with emotions and history that make relationships a doozy! It takes an effort from both sides to really make things work even when there is love. This does not take away from the fact that there is love out there for many.

When I look at wedding photographs, I see a reflection of hope. A possibility that in this crazy world of millions there is one other person that will bare witness to a life together. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. A photographer captures the moments of a couple’s love connection. Two people engaged in a feeling that can empower souls if we allow ourselves to be enraptured.

The pictures of the royal couple were beautiful. In fact, they convinced me I was looking at a vision of love. Admittedly, comments made about the nuptials had me wonder – have we become so cynical that we can’t accept two people can meet, fall in love and marry for pure emotion? I’m guilty of the skepticism, after divorce, who isn’t! What I do know, in a lifetime we’ll all experience heartbreak that might persuade us to build walls around our heart. Instinctively, we’ll try to protect ourselves by not putting our feelings on the line for fear of placing them in jeopardy – hurt. Life-changing events can absolutely lead us to doubt real love exists.  I think it’s easier to hold on to cynicism than give into love because it can spare us from disenchantment. I’d say, by denying ourselves a chance for love we miss out on so much more that could turn out to be worth the risk. The better option might be proceed with caution…but move ahead!

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