Apple Cider Diet – Trend or True Benefit?

Over the past couple years there’s been a race to the supermarket shelves to buy the biggest bottle of Bragg’s Apple Cider we can find. I didn’t exactly understand the craze but people swore by it. Growing up, my mother used Heinz Apple Cider to prepare salad dressings. I continue to use it today, alternating with fancy balsamic when I feel the need for a change. The last time, I encountered someone with their list of reasons why I should add Bragg’s to my every day drinking routine, I ran to my search engine to do a bit of digging.

People’s claims of the various results from apple cider vary. Benefits might include weight loss and decrease in appetite. An apple cider diet consists of adding 1-2 teaspoons for every 8 oz. of drinking water prior to meals three times a day. The popular diet has many followers, although, plenty of skeptics as well. The testing groups used to sample the findings are limited. Therefore, scientific evidence supporting true success of the detox couldn’t be found. It is alleged that the practice was found safe short-term.  The taste alone discouraged me from trying the apple cider detox myself. I couldn’t stomach the stuff.

It is assumed drinking higher amounts of the water is likely to make one feel fuller resulting in less of an appetite. This could produce a shedding of pounds – mostly water weight. It also mentions the possibility that apple cider could help balance your blood sugar levels and bring down high cholesterol. The belief that cider generates good bacteria (probiotics) for the stomach and enzymes to the body is dubious. Since consuming the vinegar in such tiny amounts isn’t enough to promote these types of advantages.

Once I completed my brief search to find an answer to my question. I realized it might just be a matter of perspective. If it works for you, great! It’s wonderful when we’re able to find something that adds value to our lives in some way. If not, maybe we’ll have more luck with the next trend. Regardless of what you think is true, fact remains the best way to help our bodies rid themselves of many toxins and maintain healthy weight is by modifying our own habits. Staying healthy is largely related to feeding the body proper nutrients and exercising.

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