Infidelity – No Immunity

On Saturday, a new surprise album dropped. The dynamic duo Beyoncé and Jay-Z hit the sound waves with music reflecting the new chapter in their lives. The Carters as dubbed by some in mainstream media has had their share of news coverage. Most recently, details of their dirty laundry was made public when Jay-Z stepped out on the marriage. Beyoncé clapped back with the “Lemonade” album winning the sympathy of women worldwide. It was crazy to imagine a world where anyone could cheat on one of the most beautiful and talented divas of our time. Yes, infidelity did take place. Wrongdoing, to which he admitted. His apology was all access for our global listening pleasure. Lyrics throughout 4:44 album left no doubt the hip hop artist had been unfaithful.

This new age of social media has left nothing to the imagination. Families, couples and singles are posting their entire lives for everyone to see at any given time. We all have different perspectives on what parts of our personal lives should or should not be kept private. A relationship has enough pressure by itself. Giving people a viewfinder into your world can prove complicated. It can easily be misconstrued as an invitation for opinions. Although, personally I lean towards privacy. I’d say, we all have the right to divulge as much or as little as we choose.

Celebrities live in the public eye. They promote their wins and suffer losses on a worldwide stage. In this instance, I appreciate The Carters’ openness and honesty about their real-life problems. Infidelity is one serious hit that can strike a relationship. Nothing is what it seems from the outside. Cheating can be devastating for so many couples. Coming back from it is a long road – if that is the way you choose to go.

Lots of people are affected by what they see in the media. Buying into a fantasy portrayed by public relations teams on the payroll is not uncommon. Anyone potentially believing the illusion, fame and beauty grants exceptions and gives you a perfect life is sadly mistaken.

Infidelity can take place at every level. It can happen to any couple. Circumstances under which it might happen will be different for each. The most important thing to take away from such a painful event taking place? This is not about you! The flaw is with the cheater. The root of “Why?” stems from a number of things. Culpability usually lies in a mud bath of deficiencies. The culprit could feel a need to feel in charge of their life. Relationships can sometimes force us to give up our individuality. A broken ego or sense of vulnerability can lead some to commit acts proving their worth. Neglect in a relationship can also make a partner feel undervalued or insecure. It is not abnormal for men to find themselves looking for admiration and validation of their manhood. While women might seek comfort from lack of intimacy. Sometimes wanting their own femininity recognized by someone. Worthwhile mention, there will be those who cheat because they can and think they are entitled. This is not okay – it’s essential to value ourselves finding partners that will have love and respect, keeping us in high regard. Intentional hurt of any kind is never acceptable.

Relationships are widely misunderstood. We can’t possibly see the depth of intricacy unless we walk in someone else’s shoes. Kudos to Beyoncé and Jay-Z for showing the world that they too, are normal people facing their own set of challenges. None of us are immune to the ailments that can afflict our relationships. We should do our best to stay connected with our partners with feet planted firmly on the ground. Ready to go to battle if troubles come to our shores. The work never stops.

“Protected content. 2018”


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