Life’s Whispers…

Have you ever stopped to listen? Has the nagging within burned a hole in your ear? Heightening anxiety as the sound gets progressively louder. Eventually, pounding on your life when ignoring its repeated thumps. Are you familiar with life’s whispers?

Recently, I watched a video that sparked my curiosity. In it, Oprah asked “What are your life’s whispers? What is it whispering to you at this moment?”Instantly, I knew exactly what she was referring to, I think we all do.

For a large part of my life I’ve felt like I’m floating from situation to situation. It’s similar to the sensation of sleep walking with your eyes glued shut. There have been moments when I’ve thought about what exactly needs to be done to take the helm of my ship. But instead, I choose to stand still out of fear of the unknown. Have you experienced this voluntary immobility?

There is a lot in life we can’t control. Other people’s behavior, mother nature’s wrath or terminal illness. The outcome of these predicaments are well beyond our reach. However, we do have the power to make decisions in our own lives. We take charge based on individual thinking or by bringing in an outside resource to counsel. The advice from a family member, friend, trusted confidant or spiritual guide could help determine the appropriate course of action in various situations. But what do you do with the whisper in your ear hinting at you? The one that tells you to pay attention to the world around and inside you when searching for answers to your life.

Do you recall a difficult time when the uncertainty of something tugged at you? A moment where you felt things off kilter or not right? A persistent call for you to dig deeper before arriving at a conclusion or decision? The greatest results come from listening to that gentle murmur. It will indicate to you in which direction to steer the vessel to reach a true desired outcome. We all have a sensitivity to the whisper. If you really listen it will transmit the information required to proceed. However, it is crucial  we’re receptive to what’s happening in the moment. Often times we feel daring, invincible or poorly optimistic turning a deaf ear to it. Oprah calls these “Life’s Whispers.”  Everyone has the capability to give ear to the whispers. The key is to open ourselves to listen. The more in tune you are with yourself the clearer the messages come into conscience.

Life sets us up for all types of lessons. At the same time, it provides a set of tools to work with in order to create the best life possible. The legend on life’s road map has keys to help us unlock happiness. It is essential to do the work leading up to finding the answers to our questions. It’s just as important to embrace the journey. Take it all in stride believing you are thriving.

I hope the next time you hear the whispers in your life, you trust the message behind it.

“Protected content. 2018”

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