If Given the Chance What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self Today?

This morning we all woke up to our daily routine. Did you do anything differently?

Many of us spend time and energy planning and hoping much of our lives. We perseverate on problems that need solving. During our downtime we are thinking about what to prepare for dinner, wear the next day or how to present our latest idea at the next staff meeting. Brainstorm how to generate more income to go on vacation, put the kids through college or make our dream purchase. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of thoughts flowing through the human engine that is our brain.

On my walk to the station each morning I walk a pathway full of trees. Today, I looked up truly appreciating what stood in front of me. The tree trunks were tall as can be. It would seem as if they almost touched the sky. The leaves were incredibly green, strong and full of life. The display of nature’s strength could be compared to Hercules’ virile structure.

We’re born into the world to be raised by caretakers that might be as inexperienced as us in the parenting arena. Everyone does the best they can with the cards dealt until game’s over. We all get our turn. I’ve come to understand the significance of many things with each passing year. Time is borrowed and I have to make each day count. Life offers endless possibilities for greatness but we have to go BIG! I’ve learned the only way to gain admission to life’s wonders is by living on the other side of fear. If I had the opportunity to advise my younger self, I’d offer these 3 pieces of wisdom to take with her on her journey.

  1. Love, Accept and Embrace All You Are as a Woman. You will have an amazing life if you learn to love the good, bad and ugly without reproach. Protect and nurture the love affair with yourself because it will never fail you. Mistakes will be made so forgive yourself then move forward towards the future. Looking back to the past will not change your future it will only delay it. Lastly, embrace the beautiful within so everyone can see you shine.
  2. Live with Passion. Have passion for what you do in life. The love will guide you to a bigger purpose bringing fulfillment. We have one life to live – make it the best possible. Don’t be afraid to open up. There isn’t failure in trying.
  3. Practice Gratitude. Be grateful for each day. Remain thankful for all the love that comes into your heart and life. Be happy for each moment you breathe in, above all do not allow anyone to steal or dampen your joy. Letting someone take it away from you is giving away your power. The light inside you is brighter than any darkness.

Any one of us can have a bad day or moment of despair. We are human, taking pause to regroup is expected from time to time. The key is to keep pushing. Keep trying to make your life the most it can be for you. There isn’t a dream too big when you’re willing to roll up the sleeves and do the real work. I propose we all find the younger self within. It’s never too late to tell her how deserving and worthy she is of a great life!

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