A Sisterhood of Empowered Women

Growing up, I enjoyed the friendship and support of strong females. Girlfriends that shared the happy, fun and sad moments. They stood by me during some of the best and worst times as I began to learn about myself.

Female relationships are valuable at any age. The tricky part when we’re younger is that we lack understanding of what it takes to find the right pieces to fit our lives. Keeping good people and influencers around is essential for all of us. Having a team to assist in the thick of things is not only useful, it’s encouraged. Frustration, confusion, and fear can be easier to manage when you have others in your corner to help put things into perspective.

Over time, needs change in all relationships. Friendships go through an array of adjustments to accommodate the different seasons. You evolve and need to allow space for yourself and others to do the same. As we age, priorities shift but it does not mean that the strength of the bond lessens.

During life’s ongoing journey, I’ve been blessed to meet amazing and strong women. Each one of these beautiful souls has impacted my life in a unique way. As the building of the AW global community unravels, I get to meet and exchange stories and thoughts with many empowering women. My hope is that AW is having a positive effect on your lives. So much, you are paying it forward to your own friends in an effort to uplift them too.

Shortly after my divorce, I met an incredible young woman, Our chemistry was instant as we opened up about our lives immediately after meeting. She wore her heart on her sleeve. A kind, caring and driven human being who saw the beauty in people. Her gift for seeing through you was special because it did not focus on the external. She looked far beyond what was on the outside, noticing the inner core of those whose lives she touched. These days we rarely see each other but keep in contact, connecting when our busy calendars allow it. Recently, news came that she had started her own business as a photographer. I believe her passion for beautiful souls led her to this newfound career. Looking at her photographs, it’s clear she has a gift to see far more than a pose. Her photographs tell stories of love and tenderness – two things the world needs more of. The various displays of sexy, playful, loving and joyous moments is a testament of all the emotions we get to experience as we embrace life.

In an effort to inspire other women, I will be sharing these stunning works of art from The ABView Photography as I share my own stories with AW readers. Each photo will portray a tale you won’t soon forget. I’m always inspired by the secret talents we hide underneath the daily roles played. I challenge you to explore your own when you see one of her photographs on Awakened-Woman.

We are a sisterhood of empowered women. Let us take every opportunity possible and use our platforms to promote and help other women.

Thank you all for the inspiration you provide each day.

Protected content. 2019 awakened-woman.com”

Photograph provided by TheABview Photography


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