Why the Facelift to AW?

You might have noticed AW has a new look.

I decided to make some changes in response to your feedback. Some readers commented on the inability to see all the published articles.

Awakened-Woman has over 200 articles in its Archives. If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, it brings you to a world of articles you can choose from to read at leisure. In addition, it has close to a dozen short stories waiting to be read.

All the works on AW are written by me. Some pieces have been published on other sites while the bulk are exclusive to this blog. You will find that I often share personal stories, as well as, try to provide you with a generic experiences. My purpose is to evoke thought and offer inspiration in your own life.

Everyone has a journey as unique as you. The one common thread we have is our emotions. We carry and demonstrate them in a variety of ways. A major component of how we drive life is how we operate the mind. I’m learning this is the best weapon we have to make real change.

The goal of AW is to help others feel connected. Sharing our stories helps others – helps me. Women all over the world are reading AW. Let’s continue to empower, encourage and inspire women to strive for greatness.

Be fearless in the way you live your life. There are no do overs. This is your big shot – take it!

Do you like the new look?

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