Have You Connected the Dots in Your Life?

Have you stopped to consider the possibility that much of what happens to you has a reason? Is it feasible to think events happening in our lives are connected in some way?

There was a time not long ago when the idea seemed ludicrous. The possibility that events taking place in my life were somehow part of a larger plan wasn’t exactly in my realm of thinking. That is, until recently.

We all have a story inside of us. Some tales we share. Others, we save in the deepest parts of our emotional ocean. Burying some treasures deep inside an abyss of memories. Only when we’re willing to dig deep do we reach true depth. Resurrecting stories, however, is part of uncovering your truth. There are endless examples. I’m one of billions in our universe.

Life isn’t easy. In fact, it is varying degrees of complicated. We push along the different stages of it. The hope is “things will get better.” But how about if the things that happen are part of something bigger? A chain of events linked together leading you to the place you should be.

I’ve endured my share of hardship. Challenges don’t stop when we reach a type of nirvana. No such thing. A history of unfortunate outcomes has brought me to the place I am today. Each relationship has connected me to the next chapter. Through it, I’ve finally come to understand the value in learning self-worth. My quest in search of unconditional love placed me in some bad relationships. In the process, I twisted reality to fit a fantasy. I came to find out that the best way to honor the woman I am was to be truthful. Taking ownership of the errors of my ways and bad decisions is all part of an individual journey in finding out who I was. The work is ongoing.

Difficult times have also brought financial struggles resulting from a divorce. A period that tested my faith and will. Until I realized, people show up for you only when you make a decision to make an appearance. You can’t be a guest star in your life story.  Taking front and center to take the bull by the horns when hardship knocks on your door is key.

The journey so far, has been a game of connect the dots. If any one event had not taken place in my life then the people in it would look much different from today.

As painful as divorce was – looking back on it, things happened as they should. If not for meeting my ex-husband we wouldn’t have our daughter. She is a blessing. If not for the excruciating marital separation, I’m convinced I wouldn’t have acquired the type of personal growth that developed over the course of a decade.

It’s difficult to see anything other than suffering when we’re in the madness of the moment. The stages experienced really do prepare you for what comes after. Hopefully, making you wiser and stronger as you build the foundation for a better you.

When you contemplate the past, look beyond actual events. Work to see the lessons in your story. One mistake, bad choice or failure does not define you. I try think of my life, as a journey of fragmented moments connecting me to a much larger purpose. Seek the pieces of your puzzle. Connect the dots until you find the lesson then move on…

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