A Woman’s Daily Balancing Act

It’s a daily juggling act for many women. Managing their roles as mom, wife or partner, friend, daughter, sister and career professional. Now, is it possible not to drop the ball once in a while with everything that happens in life? To the contrary, a ball or two on the floor is expected!

Each day, I meet women running around with a to-do list. An endless list of things that must be done to ensure everyone in her life is cared for properly. Some days are challenging getting dinner prepared, help with homework, home errands. Tending to it everyone’s needs isn’t easy. But it’s worth everything.

Last night, I sat in my writer’s corner. I opened up my laptop then sat on a white leather high chair at my kitchen counter. It’s my favorite spot in the world. You might ask, why? My safe haven is in a room filled with the love and warmth unmatched by anything else.

This special chair is situated in a small place that I provide for by doing a job that is tough at times. We work to pay the piper.

Weary, I take my seat each night to purge thoughts on a screen hoping to get other women to understand. We share a common thread. I’m familiar with your struggles, as I have some of the same ones you do.

We try to manage many relationships in our lives. Often losing who we are in the various roles we play. It’s key to continuously remember the importance in balancing other relationships with the one with ourselves.

The quote below somewhat sums up how I’ve been able to manage. It doesn’t only apply to working moms but to women everywhere.

I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘This is impossible — oh, this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.”. – Forbes, Comedian, Actor and Author, Tima Fey

There are couple things you can do as a starting point to help your overall well-being. These assist me in staying centered when the rest of the world gets to be too much.

1. Take time for yourself. It can be as little as 30 minutes. If you need to start with 15 minutes then do so. Time alone to gather your thoughts does a world of good. You have needs too. This time can be used to sort out what your individual needs are to help keep you in a happy place.

2. Figure out what brings you peace. What can you do to start connecting with the inner part of you. It’s amazing how many of us have no idea how to connect with ourselves. Meditation, prayer, running, writing or reading. Find that thing that gives you a sense of calm within.

We all learn at a difference pace. Growth comes at various times in our lives. It shouldn’t stop because it promotes personal development.

You will not be able to balance everything all day, everyday but you can find a happy medium, creating more good days than bad.

Stability is found when all the moving parts work well together without having us sacrifice the woman we’re meant to become.

Find your balance.

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