Dare to Jump Off in 2019…

What is the biggest personal dare you’ve given yourself, lately?

I’m ready to dream big. Challenge myself to take a step each day towards realization. See the process through without setting limits on what I can do. Go full force until arriving at something truly amazing. Get out there, do the work that will bring me fulfillment. Years ago, I wouldn’t have considered the dare. It has taken time to get here. Continuous personal growth to challenge myself plunging into the unknown.

Why is it so difficult for us to see the power within ourselves? Doubts, fears, insecurities or lack of resources can be blamed for squashing millions of dreams. How about the times we get in our own way? Creating barriers that crush motivation.

Over the course of this year, I’ve pondered and absorbed the emotion of what greatness feels like in real-time. What does an athlete think about moments after winning a championship? What does an artist experience when he or she receives an accolade recognizing their gift, talent or craft? What does it feel like to design a vision and bring it to fruition. Coming through on a goal or dream, you never thought possible.

We tell our children from a young age to dream. Offering hope in a world of endless opportunities. Parents, teachers and leaders recite speeches to inspire. If there are no limits to what we can do then why do so many never finish the race to their dream? Do we lose fire in the middle of competition throwing our hands up in defeat? Or do we get discouraged before even beginning the journey for fear of failure? But what would happen if we challenged ourselves?

In 2018, I’ve done just that! I’m no longer afraid to fail. The greatest trepidation is in never trying, maybe losing out on a chance to do something bigger than myself. Having the regret of not taking a risk to leave my mark in the world.

Men and women are created equal is the line sold to us. This year has put a spotlight on the disadvantages women face in society. These come in the shape of wage disparity in the workplace, acts of violence and abuse against women and unfair pressures placed on our gender to be everything to everyone.

We’ve come a long way with miles to go. I say, do not let the hurdles prevent you from going after what you want. Train yourself to mute the naysayers and haters that don’t believe in what you’re looking to accomplish. Surround yourself with believers. True supporters of your goals. It’s important to remember, there will always be external forces to cast shadows over you. The best weapon you have to ward off the negativity? Your self-confidence. Let it shine through to burn all doubt. Allow your inner voice to guide you during the journey.

If you have a passion – follow it. It’s never too late to dare yourself to be great at something or dream big. The biggest disappointment is not in being unsuccessful. It’s in letting yourself down for not trying. No regrets.

On December 31st, I finally shared my news. Earlier in 2018, I set out to begin work on a very personal vision. The Awakened-Woman blog was the first seed planted in this garden. The sprouting is showing wonder. I’m blessed and grateful for the support.

The Awakened-Woman book will be on the shelves in a few short months! I hope you keep reading and sharing stories. Empower each other with knowledge. Thanks again for the Likes, Follows and Comments!

What will be your dare in 2019?

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