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  1. Is It True – Is It Better the Devil You Know? – awakenedwoman
    October 17, 2018 @ 1:07 am

    […] like knowing what comes next. If gives us a sense of normalcy. But is it normal? We remain in toxic relationships afraid of cutting ties. Many of us stay at jobs where we’re unhappy for years at a time. Yes, […]


  2. Is Forgiveness Necessary? – awakenedwoman
    October 19, 2018 @ 7:42 am

    […] and loving of yourself before granting such pardon. Of course, you aren’t a doormat to abuse. So, make sure you prioritize your feelings and self-worth. There will be times when someone is not […]


  3. How to Calculate Your Self-Worth – awakenedwoman
    October 26, 2018 @ 1:27 am

    […] of women staying in relationships where they’ve been mistreated in some way. Accepting abusive behavior from partners who claim to love them. But instead, these partners inflict verbal or […]


  4. Are We All Broken? – awakenedwoman
    December 6, 2018 @ 8:54 am

    […] stems from a time during childhood. For many, this means pain, sorrow and hardship. Neglect, abuse, hertbreak, loss, financial or emotional troubles. Pick your poison. Retreating to a moment or […]


  5. I Dare You to Jump Off in 2019… – AW
    December 28, 2018 @ 12:49 am

    […] women face in society. These come in the shape of wage disparity in the workplace, acts of violence and abuse against women and unfair pressures placed on our gender to be everything to […]


  6. Spotlight on The Cost of Her Jewels – AW
    January 28, 2019 @ 1:21 am

    […] it is verbal, emotional, psychological or physical – abuse is never ok. Coming from a spouse, boyfriend or any partner it is […]


  7. The Beast – AW: Awakened Woman
    April 5, 2019 @ 12:07 am

    […] to NCADV, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men encounter violence at the hands of an intimate partner. The abusive behavior repeatedly occurs as a way to attain or preserve power in the relationship. The National […]


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