What Is Your Greatest Fear?

Everyone has fears from the rational to the irrational. Fears of death, heartbreak, poverty, people and the unknown. You see, when it comes right down to it, we can have a fear of anything. It is one of the most powerful of emotions. Crippling a human being if they allow it to take over.

Fear is the human alarm that sets off when overwhelming panic occurs in our bodies. There are dozens of triggers for each one of us. The interesting thing about fear is, it can also catapult you to some of the greatest heights possible. Challenging you to do things you didn’t think you were capable of.

As a young girl, I had a serious fear of heights. The thought of rollercoasters, trails to high peak locations, even flying put me in a sweat box. My 20’s were exhilarating. It gave me courage to overcome anything. A trip to Six Flags Amusement Park dared me to try the Dare Devil ride. The handlers secured me into a harness. The crane transported me almost 100 feet up in the air to set up for the drop. Can you imagine being suspended about 10 stories high on a beautiful clear day? The winds couldn’t have been more than  5 mph. The light breeze of a summer day was soothing. A handler at the top asked “Ready? I looked at him and recall the moment as if it was yesterday. When he asked, I looked at him, closed my eyes for a second. The voice in my head gently whispered “Let Go.” My eyes were wide open when I responded “Yes!” Honestly, the drop from that height felt like complete freedom. The moment of surrender gave me the sensation of shedding every ounce of negative energy I had held on to up to that moment. It’s similar to exhaling after holding your breath underwater for over 2 minutes.

Physical fear can be easier to conquer. It’s significantly more difficult to get over trepidation that takes your mind hostage. Requiring you to beat yourself mentally. We’re mothers, wives and partners, providers and career women. Heck! we are everything in between. Some of us fear we might drop the ball at home or work. Others fear every second their children are not with them. Then, there are those so terrified of failure. They bury the emotion deep within to the point of abandoning any attempt to try to overcome it.

My greatest fear is not fulfilling my full potential during my lifetime. The years seem to get shorter as we age. I think it’s because they go by so swiftly. The need to strive for a better life and best version of myself screams at me like a castaway looking to be saved. But fear of failure is no longer debilitating me to the point of hindering my efforts. Having you read my blog is the first step in confronting those fears. I’m hopeful that sharing my life lessons will help improve the lives of others. This will be my greatest win.

What is your greatest fear?

Whatever it is, I’m sure you too can overcome it.

We must do the things we think cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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