Is it Possible to Age Gracefully? These Tips Can Help Make it Easier.

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston – over 50 and fierce!

Getting older is inevitable. Our bodies will change significantly from decade to decade. The metamorphosis can take a toll on our psyche. For a long time, society’s standard of beautiful has affected views of how women are seen in their later years. Women like Halle Berry, Christie Brinkley, Angela Bassett and so many others are proving that aging doesn’t have to mean the end all.

Like most women, I worry about getting older. Looking at myself in the mirror sometimes makes me feel vulnerable. The idea of my physical appearance changing is scary but I try not to fixate for the simple reason that I can’t control it. The best I can do is care for my body and mental well-being to ensure it runs at the highest level of efficiency.

Recently, I’ve initiated a shift in my self-care plan. This includes getting a true understanding of the most effective way to acquire self-balance. I’m finding that working the mental and spiritual parts are just as important as the physical.

We can work on the external as much as we choose but if the body is not in sync with the mind it can trigger a breakdown. Nothing feels quite right. I can wake up and wear my best outfit from head to toe. If my head isn’t in the game then my body won’t play.

Aging is one of the challenges we will have to face at some point down the road. However, there are things we can do to make the process easier and smoother.

1. Accept it will happen. Resisting the reality could only make it depressing. Find the beauty in growing older. We continue to be gifted with the blessing of life. Experience has hopefully given us enough wisdom that we’re able to live the second half of life with a fresh perspective.

2. Your body is a temple. Your mind keeps the structure standing strong. It is crucial that these two align in order to have a healthy balance in life.

3. Don’t just exist – Choose to live out your life. Don’t accept what is given to you instead go get what you want and deserve. Laugh as hard as you can. Practice gratitude every day for all of it.

Growing old gracefully means appreciating everything about life. Embracing each moment to the fullest. Take a deep breath as you walk your path.

Remember to exhale!

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