What’s This All About? AW Challenge, Week 1:

Every year we make promises to others but most importantly to ourselves. The year 2019 was full of wins but there is much more to go. As this year winds down, the time has come to take things into overdrive.

It can seem as if life moves at the speed of light. Often times we can’t move quickly enough to seize the moment. Days turn into weeks, months and before you know it years have gone by. Our youth is replaced with wrinkled skin, spider veins, and a library of stories from when we were young.

Aging has a way of affecting us, not only physically but mentally too. Many of us stop challenging ourselves, deceived by our body and mind. Getting comfortably familiar or settling into a life that is routine is normal. Putting others’ needs first also puts our wants in the backburner. I am as guilty as many other women (and men) who do the same, until now.

One week ago, I made a decision to start a 7-week #livemylifechallenge.

Every week for the rest of the year, I will do one thing to challenge myself in some way. Big or small, the activity, action, or dare should enhance my life physically, mentally, culturally, or in any manner that is positive. The crucial element for each task? It must force you to to step up to the plate.

Life is for the living and we should make it the best possible. Live fully in the knowledge that once it all ends, you do not get do overs.

Not everything requires money. Be innovative, creative, for example, volunteer your time one Sunday, an altruistic act for someone less fortunate. A hike in a park you have never visited or dinner reservation for one. You get to choose what you would like to do. Try something new today, why not?

I dare you to join me.

Week 1: I attended the Jason Moran Jazz Show at the Whitney Museum in New York on my own. Fun, chill time reminding me of the joy music can bring to the soul.

Follow AW, as I begin posting the results on my social media feeds via Instagram and Facebook. Check out what I do next!

The exercise is meant to empower and inspire you to begin creating the life you deserve. Remember, to have fun where you can, the activity should make you feel good in some way.

Send Comments, I want to know how your challenge is going. READY-SET-GO!!

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