AW Challenge, Week 2: Rose Wine Mansion

AW’s #livemylifechallenge is on way! It continued this week with a visit to The Rose Wine Mansion in New York City.

The newest fad in the city that never sleeps is a growing number of experiences you can take part in to wake up the senses. Various locations are being used to create a living, breathing scenarios that will heighten excitement.

SpyScape , Arcadia Earth, Museum of Illusions, Discovery’s Ocean Odyssey are among a few of the venues looking to get our attention. There is something for everyone including wine lovers, which is appropriately named The Rose Wine Mansion. A pink palace that is both visually pretty, and entertaining. It provides a unique experience to share with friends while enjoying eight colorful, playful themed rooms to entertaining the palette and eyes. The tastings are part of the indoor adventure to be shared with your gal pals. Fabulosity is written all over this visit with individually decorated spaces to unleash our Instagram diva!

I contemplated the visit, as I wasn’t sure the $55.00 USD expense was worth the ticket. Also, I wasn’t convinced it was right for me. Well, one of the keys to this #livemylifechallenge is to do things out of my comfort zone or never done. The experience was a blast, it helped me remember to play silly and enjoy the carefree moments. We don’t always have to play a serious part as adults. It is good to open yourself up to laughter as much as possible. It keeps the joy in our hearts and brings positive energy into our lives.

What challenges will you try next? Is there anything you want to do that might feel silly but looks amusing?

Follow AW, as I continue posting the results on my social media feeds via Instagram and Facebook. Look out for the next challenge!

Please send comments. I want to know how your challenge goes. It’s not too late to start, there are 6 weeks to go in 2019!

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