The Beast

There are women all over the globe walking among the crowds, physically and emotionally battered. Bruises meticulously covered to ensure no one can see through to their pain. The secret is safe, long as the black and blues stay below the shoulders.  Aggression that can happen to any woman because it crosses cultural, educational, financial and social boundaries without prejudice. Violence does not discriminate.

Society increasingly grows desensitized but we have to open its eyes to the facts. It is NEVER OK to beat, “rough up,”  intimidate using menacing behavior, slap around, burn, shove, push or touch any woman in an unwanted way.

One would assume centuries have been enough to transform misconceptions ingrained in society. There has been some change but there is still work to be done. Women continue to be perceived as the weaker and less dominant gender that can be physically overpowered.

Recently, I came across alarming statistics that shook me to the core. Assaults against women happen daily. According to NCADV, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men encounter violence at the hands of an intimate partner. The abusive behavior repeatedly occurs as a way to attain or preserve power in the relationship. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reports that approximately 4.8 million incidents of domestic violence and rapes take place every year. Slightly less than a quarter of victims do not seek medical help after the assault. The numbers make an impact, don’t they?

The brutality experienced can only be described as inhumane and completely savage not to mention, unlawful. The notion that anyone, much less someone you trust can hurt you is an annihilation of human empathy and decency. It should not go unpunished.

For many women, post-treatment from acts of violence is gut-wrenching. Interrogations insinuating a victim is at fault in the smallest way is demeaning. In a large number of cases, women are terrified of retaliation by an abuser. Victims in an already precarious state are further victimized, psychologically. The humiliation discourages some from filing reports. Fear of being subjected to others’ judgment and badgering leads many to choose, suffering in silence.

Change begins with education. It is essential to find ways to break the cycle, if violence runs in the family history. Exercising consciousness helps seek truth, needed to face  situations head on. Meaningful evolution leading to attitude change may be improved if society begins taking some responsibility. Teaching respect, awareness and sensitivity to the sons and daughters who will grow up to be someone’s partner. If everyone can grasp an understanding of what the victims go through before and after assaults then maybe more effective solutions can be explored. Somehow, preventing the patterns that feed the monster cycle.

If you or someone you know is encountering domestic violence, help is available. There are people to talk to in confidence. Various resources such as Hotlines are set up to assist victims with guidance and support.

You are worth saving and deserve better. Call someone today. 800.799.7233.

“Protected content. 2019”


  1. This is an eye opener to me. I have suffered for 10years. I want to get out of this abusive relationship but I have no job to educate my daughter and take care of us. So it has forced me stay with a man who’s having affairs and shows no care because of I don’t have money. I believe God will do his miracles for me to be free in Jesus name


    1. Hello, thank you for reading AW. I’m sorry you are going through such an ordeal. You are wotthy of a beautiful life and good love. I understand yku might have a lack of resources but you have to find the strength to seek better for yourself and your daughter. Breaking the cycle is crucial to your livelihood and hers. You have a right to aspire to more. Don’t be afraid, we are stronger than we realize. Life gives us one shot – use it on yourself. Build your own empire. God makes miracles but we have to plant the seed. We have to do the physical work so he can help us flourish into becoming what we are meant to be. Find your greatness, it is there…I hope my words inspire, encourage change and continue to empower you and women everywhere.


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