0.80 Cents to a Man’s Dollar

Today is Equal Pay Day.

April 2nd signifies how far during the year women have to work to make the equivalent of what men earn. Although, there are still others that require months more of work to come up to par. It is all a work in progress…

We work hard for every penny and win accomplished professionally, sometimes personally too. This day reminds us that we have come a long way in society but there is still ways to go. The wage gap is an ongoing topic which could take years (possibly decades) to resolve in a manner that is satisfactory for everyone. Rome was not built-in one day!

There are numerous variables affecting the disparity in earnings but the numbers tell a story. Men hold higher salaries for the same jobs done by a woman, however, we should not despair. The face of today’s workforce is rapidly changing. Women are making an impact in boardrooms, operating rooms and in government.  Having an office in the C-Suite or a seat at the big boys’ table is a milestone. It is worthwhile to take a moment in recognition of the achievements of women paving the way for the younger generation.

Granted, it is wonderful that there is an increased collective effort to make real change. The fact that the issue is being highlighted with a day serves as a reminder there is more work to do in this area. I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge Equal Pay Day, at the same time give thanks to all the those that have kicked off empowerment by setting the example.

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