Do You Believe in Women’s Intuition?

How would you define intuition? Do you believe you have it and recognize what it feels like? If so, do you ever use it to help you in life’s situations?

Intuition is a hunch. It’s what some call a gut instinct telling you something is likely, even though you don’t have actual evidence of the fact. There is no true reasoning behind the knowledge except a feeling too strong to be denied. Science and logic-based thinking state that intuition is for the most part real. Psychologists explain that women are significantly more in touch with their emotions. We have the ability to be empathetic and read nonverbal cues which can be the reason behind the intuition. Although, sex differences exist it’s important to highlight that there are men who possess strong nonverbal communication skills. It’s a skill that can be improved implying it could be a learned talent.

In 2017, a brief article was published in the New York Post about the topic. The small scale study showed a meaningful difference with the accuracy in which women read emotions vs. men. Although, there’s much research to do before confirming. It’s interesting that the information has cast doubts on the logical.

Everyone will draw their own conclusion. Personally, I’m of the belief that not all things in life have a scientific explanation. There have been countless instances throughout my life where intuition lead the way. It helped guide me on how I ought to act while evaluating a situation or individual.

I’ll share a true story to offer a better sense of my personal experience. I’ve always led with my heart because it’s the most genuine way to live life. There have been moments that although my heart has spoken, intuition has nudged me in the opposite direction. Surely, you can understand the dilemma. Many of you can relate to the tug of war that happens with decisions having to do with love, life, career, family. It’s all connected in one way or another.

Dating after divorce didn’t exactly give me the best years of my life nor were they the worst. Initially, jaded by past relationships I was resistant to the idea of starting something new. Despite reservations, I made a decision to test the waters giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Trusting a new man required time, trust and the skill to see past the mask. I met a guy that I ended up dating for months. He seemed to have it all together. There were no apparent reasons for me to cast doubt on his intentions. He was charming, kind, considerate and chivalrous enough to be given the title of Sir Knight!

Sir Knight was wonderful. I enjoyed being taking to beautiful places while having someone doting on me. It all sounded great with the exception that deep down in my heart of hearts there was something that was telling me not everything was on the up and up. Have you ever felt a nudge? An uneasy feeling that grabs the deepest part of you to shake you out of your skin? For several months, I tried ignoring the obvious. Silencing the subconscious was impossible.  One day while home on a quiet Friday night, I received a text from Sir Knight. The text read “Hey baby, the Chinese food is arriving soon. What time will you be home?” My response text didn’t leave him with much to say. I sent him and his armor packing. Never to see him again.

I felt bad when the truth punched me in the face. It’s terrible to be lied to, especially in such an underhanded way. Truthfully, there was no shock to the system. Whether we call it instinct or intuition. It told me to be cautious because there was a rotten smell in Denmark! Learning a valuable lesson, I carry until this day. If something feels off-kilter, pause and listen to what your intuition is telling you. It’s a powerful tool when used wisely along with your other reasoning skills. It is there for a reason. The more confident you are in your inner voice, the stronger it becomes.

Do you think “women’s intuition” is real or not? I trust mine, do you trust yours?

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