Are You a Woman that Empowers Other Women?

Society nurtures, at times encourages competition among men, women and children alike. Healthy competition between men has been seen in sports for decades. Families sit around the television to enjoy the fall classics in October. Baseball is after all, American’s favorite pastime. During the Thanksgiving holiday we look forward to a good football match after the turkey has been sliced. Sports brings people together the majority of the time. Players can be seen slapping each other on the behind or offering hi-fives after a win. Their way of expressing “Nice job!” The fraternizing is commonly seen among males.

During my childhood, I watched sports with my dad on weekends. While he lived for baseball. My mother enjoyed beauty pageants and talent competitions. I recall watching the women strut in evening gowns or bathing suits. Many showed off some type of talent followed by interviews to gain the interest of the judges. Interactions between contestants seemed less than genuine. I wasn’t left with an impression that the environment was very chummy. I’m of the opinion, these type of competitions have potential to further promote unhealthy rivalries.

In today’s world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the issues have only worsened. Social media can have a similar effect across generations of females. Whether in your teens through 20’s or over 30 many seek attention. The focus is who is the best dressed, most beautiful or has the best life. I’ve read stories about women in entertainment, modeling or corporate world tearing each other down. The mindset is by bringing down the opponent, one raises own worth. A competition for the take but to win what? and at what cost?

Have you ever experienced a friendship in competition? Where the two of you are constantly trying to up each other one? It never ends. The race to the finish line is endless. Is the title so important that you’re willing to destroy another woman’s reputation, career or worse the chance to get to know someone that might actually be as wonderful as you?

I’m of the belief that “ Strong women empower other women.” A powerful and confident woman isn’t defined by her physical beauty, bank account, pricey handbags, number of expensive jewelry pieces or collection of Jimmy Choo shoes in her closet. She is someone who is empowered by the number of lives she touches. The empathy and support she demonstrates to her sisters, girlfriends and other woman that like her have a story. A woman of true strength understands the impact she can have on other women’s lives. Therefore, promoting competitive jealousy or any negative behavior is not in her character.

We all possess our own form of beauty. Each one, capable of having the grace and maturity to help push other women forward without being threatened. All woman have something unique to contribute to the success of the gender.  Let’s celebrate each other’s wins as if they were our own. Consider the progress that can be made if we all learned to encourage, inspire and build mutual trust.

There are numerous ways to help empower others. I choose to share my stories of divorce, love and pain, motherhood, relationships and anything that might help guide others during their journey. If my experience helps someone navigate a difficult situation, consider options or feel less alone in their troubles. I will have empowered her to take charge of her life in some way.

Whether it’s a word of encouragement, a compliment or showing compassion. Let’s try to put our best heel forward to walk with our heads held high lifting one another’s spirits along the way!

What will you do today to help empower another woman?

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