Do You Know Your Worth?

Good Ragz has a slogan on their t-shirt “Know Your Worth then Add Tax”

We hear stories about women staying in relationships where they’ve been mistreated in some way. Accepting abusive behavior from partners who claim to love them. But instead, these partners inflict verbal or physical pain demeaning their wives, girlfriends or significant other. By doing so, they break these women down to their bare bones. Stripping away any confidence, pride and self-worth they have for themselves.

Other women carry out seemingly normal relationships. While behind closed doors they are drowning in a pool of unrealistic expectations set by society. Standards designated to define how we’re judged based on how we do in our roles as mothers and wives.

Plenty of us ladies, at some point in time believed in a shortage of good men. Leading us to settle for partners that don’t check the boxes. Honestly speaking, not only do they not check the boxes. They shouldn’t be receiving an application for the job of a lover, boyfriend, husband or otherwise!

Myself, I spent a large part of life covering up imperfections. I made a career of it! Shaming myself into believing that I wasn’t worthy of being loved by a good man. Thinking bad choices or mistakes made deserved punishment. Who better than me to dictate how I should castigate these blunders? The answer was in not allowing myself to be happy.

Our thoughts are powerful beyond belief. It’s incredibly important not just to understand our value as women. We have to reflect it in the way we treat ourselves. Set boundaries on what we’re willing to accept from others. Many woman are guilty of doing the same in their lives but it’s time to stop.

True power is embracing who you are and loving yourself with all your flaws. We are so much more than our past. What helps define us is how we respect ourselves and others.  I hope women everywhere take a good look at themselves in their “Truth Mirror.”  See the beauty in the cracks. Don’t be afraid of owning it. Empower yourself.

Beautiful You. A woman who deserves everything. You are worth all the gold in the world.

Protected content. 2018


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