How Important is it to Practice Gratitude?

“I can enjoy the current state of my life because of the moments I’ve had to endure. I try to live with gratitude. We tend to get so
preoccupied with planning our future that we forget to stay present
in this instant. Once you arrive at a page in your book where you
embrace the difficult times that have transpired in life, you gain clarity.”

”Excerpt from A Journey to Becoming Your Best Self”

Do you ever forget to be grateful? Really embrace the feeling of thankfulness? Have you taken the blessings in your life for granted? The love, health and fortune of having your needs (not to be confused with wants) met. You are not alone. We’re guilty of taking them for granted at least once in our lives. The pace of everyday life is intense. This oversight happens more often than we would like it to, unfortunately.

I have found that staying grateful promotes positivity. Having the bare necessities to live a decent life is a blessing. If we can learn to acknowledge the good, it can make it a little easier to manage the bad stuff.

There are days when you might experience the sensation of a heavy load on your shoulders. A longing to have something that is not within your reach at the current time. A desire to live a different life. It’s enough to bring you down on your worst day.

During those challenging times, do not falter. Take a deep breath to collect your thoughts. Ask yourself, do you have the things you need to have a good life? Your health, shelter, a means to keep your head above water? It’s important to practice gratitude to remind yourself of the greatness that exists. There is opportunity for more as long as you make it to the next day.

You can overcome difficulties quicker when you focus on the truly valuable. Each day find one thing to be grateful for that does not cost you anything. In time, you may realize that the greatest gifts are already in your life. The rest is obtainable with dedication, persistence and good execution. There are no guarantees but more importantly, no limits to what you can accomplish.

Stay grateful today for it is a chance to start over and create the life you envision.

Protected content. 2019”


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