It Can Happen to Any Woman

You have now seen the cover of “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” But what is the book about? Who should read it? Why should you buy it?

Millions of books are written each year, only some hundred thousand make it to the shelves. Tons of stories remain in our heads. Words never making their way from your thoughts onto a screen.

I am the average woman with a normal job, raising a child and managing the daily tesponsibiliries of life’s hustle. Same as you, my heart has been broken, a healthy and loving relationship are goals, as is living my best-lfe. Lessons of love, life, relationships and womanhood are ongoing. Much to bear at times but I continue to strive for change.

I started AW to empower other women. The story was written as an awakening. You should read “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self if you are looking to be inspired. The book takes you on a journey of denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. It transports the reader on a woman’s ride. The destination is a realization of self-love found on the other side of pain.

I’d suggest you buy this book if you are beginning, on way or have already started your personal journey. The book offers enouragement to keep pushing forward as you create the life you envision.

A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” is one story – of an everyday girl from New York City who dared herself to be great. Everyone has a champion within. Remember, true freedom comes once we own our stories. This is mine, like you, a woman who seeks to do better no matter the odds.

Over the next coming weeks, look for an announcement on Presales.

“Protecred content. 2019”


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