AW is Now On Sale!

Born in New York and raised by Dominican parents, we’re known as persistent, determined, and driven. Many of us look forward to tbe day we acquire a certain level of achievement. Pondering the what-if, should have, could have instead of telling ourselves that we can or will do what it takes to accomplish the things we set out to do. A handful of people are either born to do the work. Blindly driven by passion for what they want in life. It’s possible much of my adult life, I have been a bit of both with an exaggerated fear of failure.

Approximately, one year ago I set out to write a book and get it published. The initial hesitation might have been enough to veer course away from this dream. However, instead, I took the project by the helm to steer it directly into the eye of the challenge. Once, I began the task there would be nothing to stop me from seeing my labor of love to its end.

I just received word that A Journey to Becoming the Best Self is ready for Preorder!  AW’s encouraging message is now on SALE! My world has been turned upside down with the fulfillment of this dream. My motivation to help empower women around the globe using my stories as inspiration is immense. I believe strong women empower other women. We can begin by sharing experiences of love, life, and womanhood.

Hopefully, reading A Journey to Becoming the Best Self will encourage you to dare yourself. Take a chance on a dream of your own.

Do not feed the doubts, insecurities, and fears. Create a vision, believe it’s yours then go after it with relentless passion until you arrive where you are meant to be!”  – AW

“Protected content. 2019”

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