PineApple Women Rock!

A Latin American favorite likely to have originated in South America, the pineapple is a tropical fruit that wears a crown and stands tall. The royal fruit was the inspiration for the name of this thriving female community of empowered Latinas. Pineapple Women was started to inspire others to open their minds, share stories, motivate and create change. The site’s name is symbolic with the ties to the roots of the delicious fruit, among them hospitality, energy, and pride.

Andrea Chaves co-founded Pineapple Women along with her sister. The sisters equally contributed to the vision of this thriving community.  Andrea, the pineapple lover wanted to represent her Latin American vibes and give back not only to her native Colombia but to a sisterhood.  She currently lives in Los Angeles. Previously resided in London after establishing herself as a teacher in New York City for a decade. Life experience and the desire to be a role model empowered her to become what she imagined. Andrea’s list of accomplishments demonstrates her aspirations as a leader will not go unnoticed.

She started various important programs to benefit students. Starting with a Multicultural Club of the Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria (TYWLSA) and Dance My Culture Club (DMC). An Eco-Friendly Fashion Show (EFFS) that began as a Spanish class project, where kids learned about recycling combined with a clothing unit. Initiated Tech Crew and Tech Explorers for girls creating fun and original projects. The inspiration continues today with PineApple Women.

The work required to empower girls and women is a delicate balance. Firstly, one must fearlessly lead by example. Be a pioneer of new ideas but willing to adopt different mindsets that benefit women over the years. Andrea Chaves and Pineapple Women provide a platform for Latinas to showcase their voice and learn from one another. Check @Pineapple.Women’s growing community on Instagram.

It is always a pleasure to have a small part of other women’s mission. Thank you Pineapple Women for putting the spotlight on Awakened-Woman in April!

Check out AW’s story en Espanol!

Es un placer ser parte en la mision de Pineapple Women. Gracias a ustedes por darme la oportunidad a de compartir mi historia en la edicion de Abril!

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    1. Thank you! So happy you enjoyed article. In addition to my stories, I am adding an initiative to write more stories of women that are contributing to empowerment. We can help each other through storytelling. My goal is to inspire women everywhere. Please share AW forward. Thank you so much for reading.


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