Do Not Wait – Call for Appointment Today

A sterile, white and quiet room filled with mild trepidation and anxiety. Paintings on the walls adding brightness while waiting for your fate to be read to you. The silence is deafening as you sit in the waiting room. Time goes by slowly, as if you are holding your breath waiting for an undesirable odor to pass. It is the smell of fear.

Each year millions of women receive mammograms, x-rays used to detect breast cancer. These screenings save lives but can also devastate women with positive results. A picture is worth a thousand words, getting a normal/negative result on these each year is worth everything.

Mammogram screenings should be considered once a woman turns 40. The age of 45 changes the game, a woman should schedule annual screenings to stay on the safe side. Keep in mind that guidelines are continuously reviewed to ensure patients plan accordingly.

None of women’s annual exams are easy. Tests can be uncomfortable and stressful for someone in an exam room. She may contemplate her life, as she waits for results that can potentially give her a life sentence. May it be genetics, environment or life’s coincidences but bad things happen. Breast cancer is not a joking matter. The best we can do is use screenings as prevention. Catching things early can save a life.

Make sure no matter how terrifying these appointments are, you accept the responsibility of making annual appointments. Taking care of your health is priority – without it your life is at the hands of chance.

Make an appointment today. If insurance is hindering you from making the call, try Low-Cost or Free Mammograms.

It is an intimidating process but worthwhile. Once done, take off the white robe, exhale and give thanks when you receive results with a Normal box checked off.

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