What You Need to Know About Awe-Inspiring and Brazen New York

Hope you are feeling inspired on this day!

Born and raised in the city that never sleeps provides an interesting point of view on many things. It seems that by nature of our culture and environment, New Yorkers are perceived to be more open and candid about most topics. Rumor has it, growing up in a place of such intensity helps build character. It does but we all have the potential to create greatness as we barrel through life’s experiences.

However, living in this city has given me the courage and bravery to go anywhere and be myself. As women, we claw our way out of inequality, abuse, unfair treatment and all types of hardship. You remain beautiful in spite of the ugliness endured. New York symbolizes a similar feeling for me. Life can be difficult even brutal in the frenzy of the hustle and bustle but stands regal showing strength and endurance. The wonder eventually shines through all the adversity.

I’m happy to share with you the funny, sad, foolish and inspiring stories that come up as a female in New York. My hope is that in time there is an exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences from women worldwide. Every one of us has a story. The importance of sharing these is to create camaraderie. You are not alone in your journey. We can all learn from each other’s stories.

My goal is to connect women from every corner of the world to AW. A hotspot to draw empowerment while enjoying a good read.

Thank you for the Follows, Comments and Likes all over social media and on the AW blog! Hearing about how you’re enjoying the collection of 200 blogs I’ve written and published on Awakened-Woman is truly amazing.

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Thanks to ladies everywhere for inspiring my writing. Bold, beautiful and strong women who push the boundaries and see the lessons that come with living a full life.

Wanna hear from you💋

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