One Nation, Many Females – What is Your Role?

Daring, brave, confident and bold are words used to describe the women I’ve been lucky to meet during my personal and entrepreneurial journey. While some women have the awareness to see their gifts, others need a little help understanding the power in being a woman. Either way, there is plenty to learn from each other, as we look to define the roles we have chosen.

I recently sat down with Whitedove Gannon, host of FEMnation. “The down-to-earth chick with a different name” as introduced in her energetic and informative podcast. She is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Movement (FEM). A mother of five and a long-time entrepreneur. Whitedove creates greatness by encouraging women on the path to building their dream. I was delighted the host invited me to come on the podcast to tell the AW story.

Femnation gives women entrepreneurs a voice. This is a podcast for you if you’re looking to be inspired during your own journey. The discussions are useful in breaking down some of the hurdles that come with being a woman in business, as well as, offering ideas or suggestions to consider while working to achieve goals. Hardships are expected as you turn a hobby into a side hustle or convert passion into a living. Being ready to accept and embrace your purpose on this emotional road is key. Throwing your hands up in the air is not an option. The candid conversations taking place between the host and guests are sure to empower women as they try to get unstuck while climbing the entrepreneurial ladder.

Women are increasingly stepping into bigger shoes, making us more visible in business, politics, education, technology, and other areas of society. Ongoing learning, taking on bigger challenges to build intellect is crucial to the process of our evolution. Therefore, podcasts, books, making interesting connections that add value and know-how enriches life in more ways than one. You, me and future generations have a responsibility to contribute to the better of society, whether or not we want it.

So, what is your role in society? In a nation of strong women, how will you make your mark to inspire others as they become their best selves? Be bold enough to let your voice be heard. We are interconnected by the stories we live. Think about all the women that can be helped, if we share, even one of our stories with one another. Whitedove offers Femnation as a platform to do just that! Make sure to check out this cool podcast!

Femnation is sure to fire you up if you need motivation. Check out Whitedove Gannon in Femnation on any of the following outlets: Apple | iHeart | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | Podbean 

Link to the full podcast interview with AW.

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