April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

A minute may not seem like a lot of time but a lot can happen in less time. Stop to consider the world around you, simultaneous lives happening all over the world. Did you know that a sexual assault occurs every 73 seconds in the United States? An alarming statistic, isn’t it? The estimate could be higher, as many assaults go unreported.

Sexual assault is defined as unwanted sexual contact of any form. Rape, assault, molestation, incest, sexual abuse or violence by a stranger or known attacker. The long term effects from these crimes are detrimental to its victims, varying from PTSD, depression, increase in thoughts of suicide or possible drug abuse. These crimes can also affect the manner in which victims manage the relationships in their lives. The list of psychological, emotional, and physical consequences are painfully devastating to the victim, as well as, those closest to them.

The vast majority of victims are women, however, sexual assault also happens to men, children and transgenders. The suffering due to this violent crime can last a lifetime for some women. Unfortunately, a number of them will not get help or simply, may not have access to it. The possible shame and embarrassment that could be felt from the stigma of being a victim sometimes discourages women from getting the assistance needed to cope with the psychological damage.

Help create awareness, there is help to cope with the aftermath. If you or someone you know has been a victim, they have the option to reach out to RAAIN and be connected to a trained staff member who can assist in finding a contact in your local area. All calls are safe and confidential.

Go to RAAIN to find out more information.

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