Why Should Every Woman Should Listen to Dying for Sex Podcast?

An open discussion about mortality is intimidating, sometimes too real to ponder. I imagine that being on the opposite side of a thriving life is scary. Getting the news you are dying and there’s nothing you can do about it has to be crippling. Can you visualize living with a death sentence? Who would you want to spend it with? What things would you like to do before your involuntary departure? It happens more often than we’d like to think, it happened to Molly.

The 3-time Emmy Award Winner, Television Host, Actress and Podcast Co-Creator/Host, Nikki Boyer from the popular podcast, Dying for Sex follows her friend’s sexual adventures after receiving a diagnosis of terminal cancer. The unique aspect of this podcast is how Molly selflessly allows listeners into her entire journey. She opens the door to let us see her resolution of personal challenges from how she coped with childhood events, taking control of her sexuality after the marital separation, learning to forgive and love herself until finally coming to terms with letting go.  Molly’s bravery was profound, as was Nikki’s when she made the decision to support her best friend, unconditionally. The vibrant Molly was about to live out the rest of the time she had, fearlessly.

Stage IV breast cancer capsized Molly’s life. It sent a bolt of lightning to her existence taking her on a trip that she would not return from. The unhappy state of her 15-year marriage suddenly shifted, the pretending stopped. The decision to leave her husband arrived after a period of discontent that came long before the illness. This is where “Dying for Sex” begins, the point triggering a rebirth sparking a six-part miniseries. But the podcast is about much more than a succession of Molly’s erotic episodes. The conversations that take place between Molly and Nikki are raw, genuine and very intimate. It is refreshing to hear women, unapologetically be themselves. They reinforce how having a voice and self-confidence to own your truth is empowering no matter where you are in life. The friendship shared by the pair demonstrates how nurturing and valuable female bonds are for us. Nikki’s willingness to really see Molly saved her friend in many ways. Her love and acceptance seemed to offer a safe haven, especially during a time she most needed it.

Having just completed the podcast, I understood its purpose. It is not a frivolous tale of escapades but a story.  A woman looking to feel alive and in control of her body sets out on a mission to find herself and answers. She accomplishes what she sets out to do by learning to embrace desires, past ghosts, and a reality. In order to find inner peace and closure, Molly had to come to terms with everything that happened in her life up until the present time. Their exchange of emotions combined with curiosity as adventures are revealed will sure to make you laugh, cry, and reflect while appreciating life. The narrative deserves an ear without judgment to truly grasp how the power of vulnerability builds connection. You are likely to feel inspired and encouraged when listening to these women. Leading you to think about your own life and how you want to live from this day forward. The relationship between them is full of humor and tenderness, enticing the most conservative listener to enter their world. Nikki’s storytelling skills captivate the trajectory of a woman who makes up her mind to live life out loud.

Nikki Boyer was gracious enough to send AW her thoughts on the podcast and why it’s important that women take the time to find out what Dying for Sex is about…

“I feel that this podcast is important for women to hear because it is so often that our sexuality is tied in with shame or double standards.  I think Molly’s journey is a reminder that we ARE allowed to figure out our own path no matter what it looks like from the outside.  Her journey was so authentic and honest, and I’m so grateful to have been part of it.  I think this podcast reminds women and everyone, that we get to decide what to do with the time we have left.  We have the power to explore who we are whether it’s sexually, spiritually… etc!  So what are you dying for?  And why not make that something you’re doing IN YOUR LIFE?”

The final episode of the Dying for Sex brings the pieces together for Molly and its audience but not before presenting us with some nuggets of wisdom to help women on their own journey to becoming whole. The immense impact we have on each other is undeniable. I recommend listening to all six parts of the podcast in chronological order to get the full effect of the message being transmitted. The content can be graphic as it deals with topics of a sensitive sexual nature, and other subject-matters that can be jarring, as real life can often be, sometimes. It offers something different for everyone. Particularly, a perspective that stands outside the conventional box but well worth examining. May Molly’s journey inspire you to set your own rules, as you figure out how to live on purpose.

Dying for Sex for mature audiences only and can be found on Wondery, Spotify. and Apple Podcasts.

I extend my sincere gratitude to Nikki Boyer for taking to time to share her wonderful words with our AW readers.

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