Pause. Hold. Later.

How many times have you put something you wanted to do on hold? Has there been a time when you thought “I’ll do this later – next week, month or year?” We are wrapping up the first quarter of 2020 and everything – life as we know it is on pause. The temporary stop is not only taking place in New York but all over the globe. Billions of people have ceased their routines. Lives have come to a screeching halt in an effort to help save the vulnerable. The worst part is the uncertainty, as well as, the fact, that there is nothing we can do to change it.

I can’t share the number of times I put off learning something new, delayed a dream trip or stopped myself from telling someone how I felt. I don’t know how often inaction won the internal tug of war. It seemed there was never a right time to do the things imagined. The perfect moment did not arrive, so I postponed again and again. A list of “I want to do” without a date. The current pause has left me wishing I would have said, YES, more. The courage to accept a new challenge, adventure or journey that could have lifted me higher.

How are you handling this period of Pause?  When the world resumes again, what will you take off Hold? Anything you won’t leave for Later, anymore?

Honestly, there is a pang of slight guilt, possibly, regret when I look back to only a few months ago. Time moves rapidly, leaving us only, with what we’ve lived out loud. Whether we realize it or not this global health crisis will change the way we move forward with our lives after the ordeal is behind us. When you are quarantined at home alone, fleeing your thoughts is not an option. Regardless of the room, you are standing in, there are no outside distractions to keep you from pondering life, love, relationships, children, family, job, past mistakes, or a future. Hiding from yourself is a task too big when you are living in your head. Inevitably, it can lead to performing an internal query relating to personal happiness. Does this scene sound familiar?

Like many of you, I too, have been examining life and how I can do things differently after the pandemic is over. It is normal to be fearful, anxious or stressed about what comes next but I offer a different perspective during this phase. How about taking this time out to set realistic goals for ourselves? Make a list of activities or objectives you want to accomplish short term. I’m not referring to a 5-year plan but a few small targets you would like to achieve. The essential part of the exercise is to find a positive in this moment of uncertainty. There is no question a great number of men, women, and children will come out of this time stronger, more mindful of their surroundings. Hopefully, incredibly aware of the value there is in living an abundant life.

Let’s start the day with a grateful heart and renewed hope for the future. In the meanwhile, use the pause to think about what your new normal will look like when it’s all said and done.

Protected content. 2020

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