Amazing News!

The journey as an author has given me a chance to connect with some amazing women. Working with BELatina News provides an opportunity to write articles that take me out of my comfort zone, inspiring me as a professional and a woman. In this week’s article, I interviewed Summer-Joy “SJ” Main Munoz, a 2nd generation Latina making her directorial debut tonight on one of the hottest shows on television, Chicago Med‘s, Episode 18 on NBC-TV.

The interview left me feeling genuinely inspired, as I listened to a fellow Latina discuss some of the same things I often think about, too. I invite you to read “NBC Puts Females Forward: Tune Into 2nd Generation Latina SJ Main Munoz’s Chicago Med Directorial Debut” at BELatina News. The director gave me a peek into her perspective on the importance of having a clear vision of what you want, honing in on your craft, and nurturing your dream. She also discusses the NBC Females Forward initiatives making a difference in the Film&TV industry, as well as, the impact of owning who you are and living your truth.

I am grateful to have the chance to write articles that inspire, empower and encourage women to pursue their own passions.

“Protected content. 2020”

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