What Are You Grateful for In Your Life?

We often find ourselves worrying about the things in life we are without. It takes attention away from the blessings we’ve been granted. I’m guilty as charged of the same transgression. Although, I try to practice gratitude its constant work. For myself, very much a conscious effort. An act that requires repetition and acknowledgment.

I’m grateful for the breaths I take. Thankful for my health, as well as my loved ones’ well-being. The comfort of safe shelter and food on the table everyday. The love of family and friends that helps me stay strong.

In a lifetime, we’ll experience loss reminding us of what’s important. Each one of us experiences pain of some kind. Being grateful for the strength to overcome life’s challenges cannot be underestimated. We have unimaginable capabilities as humans but we are not invincible.

Life will bring hardship, sorrow and tests that will force us to dig deep. But it will also take us on a journey of growth and joyous moments. Focusing on being grateful for getting the chance to live life can offer a different perspective that will open a space for happiness. It isn’t always easy to find a place of gratitude. The afflictions, anguish and sadness that sometimes casts a shadow on the lives of our loved ones or ours can be tough to forgive. But if we’re able to focus on those things to be grateful for each day. The light will shine on our lives through the smallest cracks on the darkest days.

Start with one moment of gratitude. What is yours today? Write it down.

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    1. Thank you for reading! I believe we’re all together on this one. There will be tough days but we have to find ways to remember that some don’t get tomorrow. Lets be thankful for life.


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