How Passion for Self-Expression Led to Finding Purpose

Ariana, Miya, Shayla, and Brit are some of the most recognizable beauties of the collection. Vogue Magazine showcased three Ariana ponies in the music video “In My Head.” The Ariana Grande Vogue Cover Video Performance has since sparked thousands of doppelgangers. The dramatically sexy look spread like wildfire, sparking young girls and women everywhere to try to get the same look at home.

INH Hair was founded in 2018 by a duo girl boss empowered by a dream to help other women discover their badass. Shordyn (@jordynn.wynn and @immbunny) had a passion for self-expression. The pair wanted to help women experiment with their personal style.

ELLE Magazine described the hair extensions from Insert Name Here (INH)as the brand to shop, offering affordable hairpieces on the go.” The co-founders have created a community of ladies that not only support one another but celebrate individual beauty.

I recently put the statements to the test by playing around with my personal looks. Feeling like it was time for a change, I decided to take a pony for a spin. On a night out, the effortless look received dozens of compliments. Miya , Molly, and Sammy have become a new obsession these days. It’s one of those accessories I wished I had thought of before – love them! It’s like wearing your favorite necklace, earrings, lipstick or outfit. It can give you a little extra – confidence to make you feel good.

It’s been said, “How you feel on the inside reflects on the outside.” Your appearance tells others a story but true empowerment comes from within. There are plenty of things you can do for inspiration, as you create the best self. Make the decision to take charge of your life, keep your head held high to demonstrate pride and nurture self-love. Lastly, experiment a little, dare to try something new.  A fresh look or color that is flattering, perhaps different makeup or hairstyle that changes your vibe. A woman needs an occasional perk to ignite her assertiveness. There is nothing wrong with showing a little spark to spice things up!

I’m elated that INH Hair has invited AW to collaborate and create new content promoting their mission. Check out AW Instagram , Twitter or Facebook to see videos and photos of some new fun looks.

I hope to hear feedback on your own transformations.

Protected content. 2020


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