The Wine and Chisme (Gossip)

Female friendships provide many benefits. Having a strong ally on our side can help us through some of the most challenging times in our lives. Girlfriends get us to see straight when our thinking gets a bit foggy. The gift of sharing the same gender allows us to understand each other in ways men cannot. Our empathy button is one of the advantages we have as a nurturing creature.

Sharing stories among women is one of the best ways to destress and bond. We learn from others and provide a lifeline when instability takes over. The chats can be as light or intimate as we choose. Tough conversations may happen with a glass of wine, a cup of tea or coffee depending on the ladies.  Jessica Yanez’,  The Wine and Chisme podcast host, likes to share her love for wine and telling stories over her favorite wine.

The Wine and Chisme podcast is refreshing. as it is entertaining. The chisme (Spanish for gossip) is spilled by guests while indulging in a pour of the wine of the week. The women invited to each episode are real women like you and me. Jessica’s honest, warm and friendly demeanor creates an environment that invites people to feel comfortable. She tries to make the conversation as natural as possible without forcing subjects instead she makes space for a natural flow.

The podcast comes at a time when we need healthy distractions from real-world news. Listening to positive voices can serve as a reminder that good things continue to flourish all around us. If you can try and focus on the good things in life, it may be easier to push through the bad.

AW visited The Wine and Chisme podcast to deliver some chisme (gossip) of my own. Listen now to podcast interview!

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