Does Coronavirus Have You Rethinking Life?

The idea of losing a loved one or dying ourselves is petrifying, particularly when unexpected. Many of us avoid the conversation of mortality, as it confronts you with a harsh reality. No one lives forever, death is inevitable.

Coronavirus (CoVid) has reminded the world of their humanity. CoV is an extended group of viruses that has awakened our innate fear of death. These viruses cause mild flu-like symptoms to acute respiratory diseases which have the ability to severely attack and kill patients with pre-existing health conditions. Scary, with reason, the medical community doesn’t know enough to stop the epidemic.

The recent Coronavirus (CoVid-19) pandemic is rapidly changing the way we live. The world is walking on eggshells terrified the infectious disease will get them and essentially end their life. Scientists don’t have a vaccine, this particular strain is new. Aggressive studies continue to help stop the epidemic. In the meantime society must face a harsh fact. It will take time to get answers, it’s unlikely to happen overnight.

China and Italy have been living in terror for months. The American public recently received a wake up call, as the President of the United States called a national emergency. The already precarious situation just got real.

My favorite New York City restaurants have temporarily closed, supermarket shelves can barely keep up with demand, a large part of the workforce is working at home and small businesses are suffering. Are you feeling like the things you worried about a couple months ago are not as detrimental today? Do you feel life as you know it has changed? Are you contemplating what life will look like in the near future? Is it all overwhemling making you feel out of control? The majority of people relate to your emotions. I suggest don’t fear, the panic is justified to a degree but you can’t stop living. What is worse than to exist without truly living?

We must take necessary precautions but not go into an all out hysteria. Read the facts about the virus. Staying informed is key to avoid a state of frenzy. . Listen to the suggestions of the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. Protect yourself and surrounding community by being careful and mindful – follow safety guidelines. Lastly, remember to breathe. You are alive and hopefully, healthy. Do everything possible to stay that way.

Meanwhile, keep yourself and families healthy AW women! Everyday life, as we know it has changed but hope cannot be dismissed.

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  1. These are definitely unprecedented times and the impact it has had so far is unsettling. Been focusing on keeping my physical, mental, and financial health. Hopefully some good will come out of this in the end 🙏🏼 thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and following AW. We are all with you. Like you, I have anxiety, stress and fear but the only control we have is to stick to social distancing. All else will take time and faith in our leaders which can be difficult. You are doing the right thing. Take care of yourself first to generate the proper strength to help loved ones. Stay safe and remain healthy. Hope you continue to read AW.

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