Top 5 of 2020

The events of 2020 impacted individual microcosms in different ways. Our lives were turned inside out, residual effects of an uncertain and inevitable reality did not spare anyone. Job losses are in the millions, people can’t pay their rent and countless small businesses are closing each day. Sadly, the worst of it does not end there, as death tolls are being recorded in astronomical numbers.

There are so many words I can use to describe the year 2020. Like many others, I too, experienced an invasion of instigators, testing my emotional and mental well-being.

The past year has affected us all in some way without exception. A case of Co-vid 19 hit this home front, thankfully, at the end of the tunnel was a full recovery. Dementia, an illness that robs families of loved ones’ memories, struck our family. More recently, distance resulting from the economic downturn of a pandemic, challenged an important relationship in my life but I’m hopeful it will withstand the difficult times ahead. Despite unfortunate events, life continues to roll on by, and I have to keep pushing forward, as do you.

Day two of 2021, while reminded of the things taken away last year, it also dawned on me that maybe, everything happens for a reason? Today, thoughts led me to a deeper introspection, followed by a realization that some good has resulted from the crazy old year.

1. The year, 2020 gave me the gift of bonding. Were it not for time in quarantine, I would not have spent my daughter’s senior year of high school alongside her. Learning to appreciate time, using it to take part in productive conversations has strengthened our relationship.

2. Time to reflect, rest and be grateful. The old year forced me to evaluate life. Take inventory of what I do and do not want for myself. The time has opened a path to getting focused on a few of life’s biggest questions.

3. The world has been in chaos for what seems like an eternity, events set in motion by a vicious virus. We experienced a pandemic, political unrest, riots and a nation’s divide. By December 31, 2020 society’s climate had a slight warm up. The people voted, majority won and a change of administration will be in place on Inaguration Day. A modified stimulus package was passed, giving a little hope to Americans. Co-vid 19 vaccines have finally reached the hands of medical professionals offering a glimpse of relief. Over time, we should get our lives back, piece by piece.

4. Health was at the forefront of our minds during 2020. Having a glowing bill of health became pivotal to everyone. I have newfound gratitude for good health!

5. Gratitude renewed during time when many are without so much. I count the blessings in my life. The difficulties are small in comparison to what is happening outside. We have what we need and I am thankful.

The old year was full of crappy news. I’ve had to dig deep to find the good stuff. Meeting so many inspiring women during 2020 offered strength. The AW Empowerment Series was well-received by readers and the generous women giving their time to be interviewed continue to come in, offering a wonderful lineup to start this new year!

Last year offered opportunities to be featured in the Best Holistic Magazine and Magistra Magazine. It was an honor to be part of these beautiful publications empowering women at every turn. I couldn’t be happier to be acnowledged in such a wonderful way.

Life has countless challenges that are sprung on us at any given time. The past year crushed us with more than a fair share but it’s essential to look for the lessons or good in every moment of opposition encountered. I’m finding this is the best way to cultivate optimism. It has been hard to stay positive during this period of constant negativity but it’s not impossible. We got this!

“It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.”– Germany Kent

Can you find your positive in a year of negatives?

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