5 Tips to Recharge from the Overstress of the 2020 Pandemic

You have probably been trying to find ways to spend your time. Hopefully, you are not glued to the television watching hourly updates of the global pandemic. Staying informed is essential but oversaturating your mind in the negativity of current events, inevitably leads to more anxiety.  What have you been doing to distract or keep yourself grounded?

Like many others, it has been challenging for me to balance the worry and positive energy required to stay sane during this craziness. Women naturally give up everything to take care of everyone else. The new normal can easily consume us, taking selfless acts to new heights. It’s good to find activities that exercise the mind and body while everyone is restricted to their homes and life is on hold. But there are some things you can do as a way of releasing toxicity caused by the overthinking you may be living. Hopefully, you find some of these examples helpful.

  1. Self-Care is important to maintain the spirits up. Beating yourself up or complaining about the things you use to do but can’t do now will further frustrate and depress you. Taking regular showers, washing hair, keep your nails clean, getting out of the old sweats can pick up the mood. Practicing hygiene is crucial to our well-being.
  2. Take Breaks during the day. Ten minutes to center your thoughts is more valuable than you think. Collect yourself and organize your head. Eliminate fearful ideas you may legitimately be feeling, replace them with facts. Quiet your mind for a couple intervals throughout day.
  3. Stick to a Daily Routine. I wake up each day to work from home, maintaining a regular routine, as if I were going to the office. Some days, I slap on red lipstick and jump on my laptop, thankful to get to work. Focus on any tasks, chores, goals you have lined up for the day. Most importantly, practice gratitude for all the things you are still able to do, as small as these may be. Gratefulness is a reminder of what matters most in life. Your health, the love of family, and friends to help keep you strong.
  4. Reading is a wonderful tool that should be used during periods of uncertainty or hardship. Picking up a book to frame the mind, expand knowledge, gain positivity, or change perspective is useful. The power of words is sometimes underestimated. In many ways, books have done more for me during painful and challenging times than anything else. Reading expands my mind, often helping me look at things differently.
  5. Embrace the time the crisis is giving you. We are spending endless hours at home with no control over the timing of the reopening of the city. Why not give into acceptance, using the time for yourself. It doesn’t mean that you need to go write a book, draw a masterpiece, or reinvent your life. Taking a pause to get reacquainted with yourself can help regroup. Do things that encourage you to stay balanced.

It is essential to remember that you are entitled to a bad day when you feel things are not okay. This ordeal is very difficult to manage phyysically, as well as, mentally, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Also, stress contributes to the deterioration of mental and physical, weakening of the immune system is the last thing you need. Seek an individual safe haven. Once you find that center, do not forget to occasionally reach out to your tribe for comfort. Watch a movie to make you laugh or listen to music that inspires! Have a virtual brunch, dinner with friends or family to pay it forward. We will get through this time together. #StaySafe

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