Shhhh…Can You Keep a Secret?

Have you ever kept a secret? Are you keeping one right now?

Secrets have the ability to hurt or protect. Keepers possess the power of deciding whether the information is worth their silence. The delicate truth has potential to destroy your life or someone else’s. It may be one of the biggest reasons for safeguarding it in a vault at the bottom of our souls. If you have been on either side of the fence, you know one thing is known to be true. Uncovering a secret can be as painful as keeping one.

Whether conscience or fear, both lock you in a standstill. Facing the possibility of blowing up another person’s life, especially yours is terrifying. Families and relationships have been scarred by unprecedented or explosive news. The world is full of secrets. Politics, religion, history and society as a whole carry a heap of untold stories that will never see the light.

It is no easy task to maintain a lid on details that can alter someone’s life. The burden of responsibility depends on your discretion. But what do you do when the secret being concealed can hurt someone? Do you tell? Should you share the load that is weighing heavy on you? There really is no right or wrong solution that accommodates everyone. The answer to this question is in your heart and mind. I presume we narrow it down to what we’re able to live with because at the end of the day, you are ultimately the person to witness the damage firsthand.

We all own secrets concealed from the world. Things unknown to anyone for one reason or another. Hiding who you are, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, feelings of unworthiness – there are countless feelings we cover up. These personal truths can certainly be detrimental to one’s emotional health. One of the most common secrets people keep is hiding who they genuinely are to make others happy or fit in with society.

The reality is that expectations must be met, regardless of the roles played in our daily lives. Sometimes, hiding truth is necessary for survival. In no way, does that signify condoning a lie. Young or old, everyone has choices to make for themselves. The kindest one is to be true to who you are by making decisions that help you live a life that creates inner peace.

What secret are you keeping?

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