You Do Not Need Permission!

Women are challenging societal views in big ways. Tearing down centuries worth of repression, not to mention unfair attitudes towards women, still evident today. The bar is set high and we’re judged based on a distinct set of rules not applicable to men. It is a reality that chose us but no longer limits our gender. The double standard applies to the things we say or do and how we should think or behave. Luckily, molds are being shattered into millions of fragmented pieces.

Whether we realize it or not, every woman has a role in creating an individual footprint to help continue smashing barriers.

I am embracing the opportunities that break ground instead of shying away from them. Learning to use my voice to speak out against anything that makes me unhappy. In accepting this challenge, my goal is to make the impossible possible and be fearless in the pursuit to become the best self.

Don’t ask permission to live your greatest life – the one that brings you joy. Grab hold of your dreams. Whatever they are, fight for them. Be YOU – no apologies. Remain loyal to yourself, first. Be kind and respectful to others but learn to ask for what you deserve.

Do the things you want without overthinking, use calculated risk plus intelligence. It is all possible within reason. You can ask for forgiveness later if you overstep boundaries but you will never know what you are capable of until you try.

Be the BOSS of your life and empire.

Protected content. 2019

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