No Limits – Go for the Knockout!

“Don’t wait to be told your place – take it!” – Serena Williams

Once in a while we need words that help get our motors running. Whether in the form of a song, good read, quote, speech or poem. We sometimes look to words for inspiration or encouragement helping us ger us through a hurdle.

Everyone is familiar or encountered a dream crusher. They appear in your life in the shape of haters, skeptics or non-believers. It can be man, woman, boss, colleague or foe. These are people that will say anything to discourage you. You mght hear “You’re a dreamer. What sets you apart from all the others trying to accomplish the same thing as you? It’s too competitive out there, you’ll never make it.”

How do you respond to those that tell you, you’re aiming too high? We all know who those individuals, are. These are negative forces who don’t want to see you succeed. The best action to take is to prove them wrong.

We’ve all encountered people who have made us feel unworthy, inferior or insecure. These individuals create an environment that leaves us drowning in a pool of defeat. They seem to pigeonhole you into thinking you have to take a seat quietly, submissively and accept whatever you’re given.

The thing to keep at the forefront each day is relatively simple. People can only make you feel this way, if you give them the power to do so. Your indifference to the voices that say you can’t do it – is necessary. Having the ability to mute these individuals or your own self-doubt opens a free judgement zone for you. A stage to catapult you without fear of failing.

The second most important action – drive and persistence. You must visualize yourself as limitless. Create a place in your mind where you can draw from every time the tank feels low. Once the fountain is full, PUSH IT! You are limitless, there’s no stopping you, is there?

Resistance will always creep into your goals and dreams. It’s there to test how badly you are willing to work for it. Dangling the carrot to find out if you have the will or fall into a dip you can’t come back from again. Your attitude is everything during the process. Remember, anything worth having is going to require work.

If you’re working towards achieving something that sets your soul on fire. A dream that fills your heart with joy but seems out of your reach – be relentless. Push as hard as you can then repeat as many times as needed but never give up.

Challenge anyone that tells you can’t by taking steps that put you within proximity of that dream or goal. Eventually, when all the right elements are in place you will come head-to-head, on a collision course with the greatness within. The you that shows up when no one else does. The you that knows you are meant to be more than average. Don’t be afraid because what happens after leads to incredible personal growth preparing you for living the dream you’ve been working for all along.

Take your place in the world. You know your worth. Settling for anything less is a disservice to you. It is absolutely possible. PUSH IT – NO LIMITS!

“Protected content. 2019”


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