Surviving a Bad Date

Sitting across from him, all I could smell was cigarette. The one he inhaled right before walking into the restaurant to meet me. It’s not so much he was a smoker but the fact he lied about it. Why perpetrate a fraud to someone you’ve never even met! That was the beginning of a bad date. It was all downhill from there! What he did next not only horrified me but grossed me out even more. An hour passed before he tried to find his way into my personal space. The ashtray came alive and his breathe was going to kill me! I had no idea how to get out, luckily the night ended early. The mutual lack of attraction, in addition to the dull conversation saved us from dragging out the night. He never called me again. Thankfully.

We’ve all had our share of dreadful dates. Together, we can build a mountain of stories that would rival Mount Everest. Do you remember your worst date? How did you step away from the landmine?

Truth is, it’s difficult to hurt someone’s feelings. Finding a way to “let him down easy” often makes best sense. Women can be more sensitive to these situations. Many of us have been in those shoes, it stings to be blown off! There might be a few ways to manage an exit from a bad date. The approach you take can range from gracious to brutal. It may get you from a fib to a mildly insulting but honest excuse. Nevertheless, always important to take in mind the personalities involved, circumstances and whether the date understands your feelings. Most of all, does he respect the rules of dating? Sometimes, things just don’t work out.

Humor is essential when these bad dates come around. It will add light to the situation while you are figuring out how to run out the back door. Next time, you are in a dating jam, baffled by the question “How did I get here?” One of these exits might produce results or at the very least, offer a good laugh when you think back to this article.

  1. Have your BFF call you with a dire situation that requires your help. Coordinate with a friend beforehand. Figure out the code word to use in case your date goes bust and you need that quick getaway.
  2. There is nothing that grosses a guy more than a “female emergency.” Yes, the monthly visitor that scares so many guys into exile. Luckily, they come out once the red sea has receded. So, if you’re sure this is a guy you aren’t particularly interested in and prefer to turn off the charm pushing off his advances. This maneuver help leave an impression, enough to keep him at bay.
  3. “God called, he said, You Ain’t It!” Gotta go, see ya! If this is absolutely not your guy. If he is someone that you have no desire to ever see again. Be frank. My words are probably not a way to deliver the message. Use words that are kind but candid. It isn’t going to work is the underlying reason you can’t engage longer than you have.

Dating is work that demands us to do our due diligence but it should also be fun. If you look at it, as an opportunity to meet people. A way of testing the waters to figure out what type of partner you’re most compatible with instead of expecting to meet the love of your life. The art in dating is that you have a choice in the process. Having that power allows you the ability to decide what you want or don’t in a partner.

Bad dates happen don’t let it discourage you. Down the road these experiences will make for some entertaining short stories!


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