Art is Alive – Coming to You!

The Art is Alive Magazine established by award-winning journalist and media personality, Cindy Mich. The super accomplished Cindy has touched almost every area of media inspiring influencers, writers, filmmakers, and radio personas. The founder of the “Art is Alive” NYC based film festival is also a publicist with a long history of wins across all areas.

I was drawn to Cindy’s social media profile during a networking session. The supportive and knowledgeable powerhouse not only prides herself on the work she does. She is a career creative professional and mom who delivers quality in every role she takes on in her life. Her most recent work, The Art is Alive Magazine premiered December 2019, it is a project close to her heart. Contributions to online and offline platforms, spotlight her real and engaging writing style. It is no surprise, her radio show “Cin’s Chat Corner has 95,000 listeners that keep coming back for more! The magazine is full of great personality interviews that run the entertainment spectrum. Interviews and articles on authors, actors, reality stars, artists, media, charities, film/tv/book reviews, musician, the arts. There is something for everyone to read about in AIA.

It is a pleasure and privilege to share that an AW interview will be published in The Art is Alive’s January 30th, 2020 issue. The AW message will further evolve as it is introduced to a new readership. Please join the excitement by following via blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for more details on the big release date.

Thank you to Cindy Mich for this wonderful opportunity, as well as, everyone in collaboration with AIA magazine. The support of empowering women like yourself and publications as reputable as The Art is Alive magazine is making a difference for females everywhere. Wishing you much success in 2020!

Protected content. 2020


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