The Female Entrepreneurs Network Featured AW!

The work never stops as we look to materialize the dream. Cultivating relationships, pursuing opportunities, and knocking on doors that may open a window that will bring us closer to our goals.  Many women wake up each day with a desire to take a seat at the table or get recognition for their efforts at home or work. Meanwhile, there is plenty of other things that occupy our time like playing mother and partner, wife or girlfriend. But none of these things should hinder you from seeking the best self or finding your truth. Your dreams matter too!

Just a girl from New York raised in a modest home. A Latina born in Manhattan to Dominican parents. I didn’t dare to ask more of myself growing up. Doubts, insecurities and fears can set a stronghold on one’s courage. Today, I am becoming the woman my mother always knew I could be, finally understanding that mistakes don’t define me. My actions moving forward create my future. There is nothing that is out of reach if we are willing to do the work.

Belatina gave me an amazing opportunity this year. Writing for the platform is challenging me in many ways which I am grateful for. Penning a book and maintaining a successful blog takes a lot out of my nights but well worth the investment. Helping other women in life’s voyage is a passion. I believe exposing my personal journey can help empower other women. The stories may inspire others to light the fire under them and do something different.

The Female Entrepreneurs Network (FEN) was kind enough to host an interview on AW. The feature discusses the journey, inspiration, ambitions, and purpose. I hope you enjoy the read and post your Comments and Likes via AW, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Stay inspired! Good things happen when you keep knocking on doors – if not start opening some windows!

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