It Will Bring You to Your Knees

I recently watched “Life Itself.” A film about life’s beautiful, tragic, magical and incredible irony. Dan Fogelman, the writer that brings millions of American households to tears each week with “This Is Us” made a believer out of me.

Life’s difficulties constantly challenge our strength and will to keep fighting. We all have our own story and sometimes these become intertwined with others’ stories becoming a subplot of an even bigger, more powerful tale. People experience tremendous pain and loss that will make them question everything. We ask ourselves, what reasons justify the bad things that happen to us? Why do good people suffer? Do the events in our lives have a meaning? How do we move on from the ugly we experience? Why should I care?

When does life stop being hard? It doesn’t.

Life is crazy, sad, messy but it’s also beautiful. The bad things that happen shouldn’t discourage us from our fight. What makes it all worth it? Love.

The narrator in “Life Itself” describes it perfectly. She says to her son in a poignant scene of the movie, “Life brings you to your knees … lower than you think you can go. But if you stand back up and go forward … you will always find love.”

People all over the world experience life differently. Some have witnessed inhumanity on a level we might never see. While others can’t imagine it. The rest is in the middle. Either have heard the stories or seen a less tragic form of pain. Nonetheless, still branded by own trauma.

Every single one of us understands emotional angst. Men and women alike can experience the pain that can come from life’s lacerations. One minute in life’s fire pit can cause years, decades or a lifetime of damage. You have the final say, a choice to make. Either allow it to drown you in darkness, draining the life out of you or put the gloves on and show heart. Love life and yourself enough to fight back from the ugliness.

The next time that life challenges you – and it will. Let love take over. Lean on it for inspiration and power to resist knocking you out for good.

Life is going to bring you to your knees one day. Choose to get up and never give up. You will be better for it.

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