Open Your Eyes …

Our eyes see what they want to see. Life opens them to all types of ugly. Some of which can be too much to bear, at times. But what happens when we get a glimpse of something truly worth appreciating. Do you value it? Can you pause long enough to allow yourself an instant of gratitude? Are you able to seize the moment?

On February 2, 2019 Karla Kelman‘s Naked Canvas Art will collaborate with PVAA for La Femme Artiste Exhibit in Montclair, CA. The show will display visual art created by women. It will celebrate pieces on canvas and print to inspire the young female generation.

History honors the most gifted male artists in the world. We learn about them in classrooms as students or during our individual journeys. How many women are mentioned in the same breath? Not many. Modern world is changing the art landscape in a wonderful way.

Girls today have a world of limitless possibilities to explore. We should encourage young women to explore who they are to help lead them to greatness. The first step is to inspire, encourage and empower ourselves then pass the baton. Create opportunities to showcase all the amazing things we can all do.

PVAA recognizes the different ways that art can make you feel inspired. This time they are doing so by inviting us to open our eyes to see the art in the various forms. Different colors, words and patterns all created by female artists.

I’m not only flattered but humbled to be given the opportunity to have Awakened-Woman be part of such an important event. The article “These Women Know Who They’re Meant To Be – You Can Too” will be displayed as part of La Femme Artiste’s Exhibit. This article is about two women who had the courage and will to fight for their dreams. Written on a day, when I was looking for my own reason to continue the pursuit of mine. I hope reading the article brings you inspiration, too.

Open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you. Whether its nature, art or the present moment, absorb the power around you. Use it to create the life you envision.

“Protected content. 2019”

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