Does Love Change Over Time?

The euphoria felt in the first stages of love can resemble the intensity of a fiery inferno. The heat produced creates an environment of wondrous emotion. The initial few years may feel borderline magical. We protect our love while under the spell of it. Enchantment, not easily broken.

Time offers comfort and security but sometimes everyday struggles cut through the fabric of even the strongest relationship threads weaved together. The labor now begins to preserve its organic state.

My younger self believed love’s fury was sustainable for the duration of a relationship. Reality has a significantly different version. Of course, this is one woman’s opinion born from personal experience. Each of you has a story to make your own conclusions.

Love has many seasons displaying unique features. During challenging times a relationship’s shine can become dull. You may, at any given time be tempted to acquire a new or different love to spike the punch bowl. Other couples make a choice to stay and do the work to reignite the sparkle. Get the gleam back in the relationship. When you do what it takes to bring back its brilliance the outcome can be majestic. No two relationships are the same. Couples should do what will work well for them. As I’ve said before – different things work for different people.

We’re not perfect, so how can we expect love to be? It takes time to mold the shape of it. It requires care, patience and a vast amount of desire on both sides to make it work. It also takes respect for yourself and partner.

Love takes various forms throughout the life of a relationship. Two people begin a whirlwind romance. They may have the best intentions going into the affair. Over time, each person changes. There is wear and tear affecting both partners. While some individuals resist change, others seek personal and emotional development. Dreams shift or become more defined. New goals are created that might not sync up to your partners’. There can be simultaneous growth. However, it doesn’t usually occur at the same time, never in the same direction. When a couple spends an extended amount of time together they’re bound to see changes. Inevitably, adjustments are expected on both sides. You have to make room for the relationship to breathe.

I’ve come to understand that giving each other space to grow demonstrates compassion, understanding and love. This doesn’t have to mean compromising ourselves. It signifies enough maturity to allow you to get to the next stage of love.

Relationships are indeed complicated. They resemble a living, breathing entity that requires nurturing and time to develop. Love intensifies the experience. The evolution of the lovers living the affair can affect chemistry in various ways. I think the key is communication and preservation. You both need to be committed to making the best possible love by streamlining anger, frustrations and misunderstandings.

If lately, you’ve been feeling like your feelings for your partner aren’t as strong for him or her and vice-versa. Try to find ways to reconnect. Begin the exercises sooner rather than later to regain the connection. Try a date night that resembles a time when you first met. Plan something thoughtful to help remember the reason you were drawn to one another in the first place. Initiate a dialogue, open the lines of communication to talk about mutual needs and goals for the partnership. You are in this together. It will take both of you to get involved in weathering storms that hit the shores of the relationship over the years.

Love can withstand the turbulence caused by the winds of change. It takes different shapes over time but it doesn’t necessarily mean an ending. Each stage is a shake up. It happens every now and then to remind you not to take too much for granted. There is upkeep in all things beautiful.

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