The 3 Tell-Tale Signs that a Relationship is Developing into a Monster Storm

A “Monster” storm is Category 5 hurricane with winds of more than 157 mph. It is ferocious having the capability to wipe out everything in its path. The destruction can be devastating to cities and communities. A relationship in peril shows similar characteristics when anger, resentment and frustration hit the shores of a relationship. Corroding the love of one or both partners from the inside out. It’s crucial we don’t ignore disturbances that arise.

People have, almost as much difficulty confronting truths about their relationships as they do about themselves. We work overtime to hide shortcomings that can reflect badly on our character. Denial or rationalizing the things we refuse to accept is common. It’s the reason that some relationships drag out for much longer than they should for couples.

We meet someone think it’s the “right” person and decide to give 100% percent of ourselves. The hope is to be loved. Share a life with this being that will bear witness to one another’s experiences. It’s all wonderful until someone gets hurt. Men and women are complex on their own. Circumstances change, so do people giving way to problems in relationships. Entangling a complicated web of emotions affected by personalities, past experiences and human behavior that can’t always be accounted for.

I’ve been in the eye of the storm. It was a difficult time but I made it out. The shock bestowed upon me was not only hurtful because it came from a partner I deeply cared for. It was harmful to myself but I didn’t act on the animosity from the other side. For one, I was too afraid of confrontation. My refusal to give into the negativity that followed actually saved me in the long run. It filled me with enough courage to end something that not only was taking my joy. It was creating a toxic environment that could further drown me in sorrow.

There are plenty of couples in love. It doesn’t always mean a pair is meant to be together. Life will intervene to test the will of each partner. Situations will present themselves from which feelings will either grow stronger or die down. Of course, we want to do the work to rescue those relationships worth saving. Just make sure to keep an eye out for red flags signaling a relationship in peril.

  1. Communication is Key In Relationships: Therefore, without it the annihilation of your bond is inevitable. If you and your partner are not talking, it’s a sign of significant deterioration. Fighting can also be a form of communicating. However, if you find that you’re arguing all the time – it’s a red flag. Picking fights is not the way to resolve anything.  Not talking at all is awful because it demonstrates surrender.  Indifference is worse than hate. It’s apathy which creates a void that gets harder and harder to fill with time.
  2. Deceit is Poison: If you are lying to each other. It’s the beginning of the end. Secrecy will drive a wedge leading to mistrust. If there is no trust in the relationship, it doesn’t stand much of a chance.
  3. Intimacy is Essential:  Physical touch promotes bonding. We need to have emotional connection with our partners! It’s the reason we want to date, marry and live together! We want to feel closeness with the one we love. And yes, that includes fulfilling each other’s sexual needs. There are couples that end up living like roommates. It’s not conducive to romantic feelings instead it can put out the fire there once was between the two.

We get to know our partners well enough that we can see when there is change. Understanding the dynamics of the relationship will also help you analyze the seriousness of the rupture. Can it be remedied? Do both of you have the desire to work through things? It’s a decision to be made by the two living inside the eye of the storm. Don’t wait for the bad weather to hit your home front. The damage it may cause can take months or years to recover from in the end.

Having the knowledge that I’m not alone on this allows me to share my stories with you. I’ve experienced these signs in a past relationship. I’m hopeful, if there’s a woman out there that has worn these same shoes. She will be helped or comforted by my words.

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  1. Great piece! my favorite was when you mentioned something about people having difficulties in being true to themselves. It was very inspiring, outward ownership of ones truth can open the doors to all types of relationship. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Completely agree. We can only let light in when we own our truths. We ourselves have to accept those whatever they might be. Once we do so, the world will too. It helps us in every aspect of life when we own who we are, trickles down to everything.


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