3 Reasons to Go Full Throttle on the Autobahn of Dreams

We live with a world of ideas in our head. The thoughts that take over can overwhelm the most brilliant mind. There is innocence held by children that allows them space to dream. Nothing is out of reach during that REM sleep. Dreams of becoming president, famous pop star or astronaut. All there for the taking if you put in the work. So, what happens when we grow up? What was your dream as a kid? Did you become what you always wanted? Or did you have the next big idea shrink to nothingness, once adult responsibilities set into everyday life?

Most of us are working to pay the bills. Providing for our families in any way possible is priority. Taking on jobs or responsibilities that we didn’t necessarily plan on but we usually do what is expected of us. We spend few days trying to figure out what it is we want to do with ourselves. The key element that we need to keep at forefront? It is essential for personal development to zone into finding out who we are and what our strengths are, in order to tap into our greatness. Simple task? Not at all. The bulk of time and energy for most is usually spent trying to pinpoint those things not working or don’t do well. How do we pursue dreams if we don’t know the true self? How do we carve a path to what we want if we don’t know what that is. Looking inward to reach the depths of who we are leads to finding what we’re truly capable of.

Spending years on an exploratory journey of my own has presented struggles. I’ve been looking for something but it wasn’t until recently that it all began unfolding. The baffling piece of my puzzle was that I wasn’t sure what the “something” was or even who I was making this process quite frustrating. I attended college, married twice and held decent jobs long-term. A strong work ethic and resume was not enough to fill the tank. I conformed to my roles. The person I identified with was whatever part I played in that moment. It took time to arrive at a state of satisfaction where I’d have the ability to align the internal and external pieces. Only now, do I get that there is no way to realize my dreams if I don’t connect with myself at the core. Bringing my authentic self to the surface has given me awareness, courage and knowledge of my strengths. These things all help create a positive environment encouraging me to strive for greatness.

Many projects have started and stopped. The number of incomplete goals is equal to the times I’ve woken up saying “today will be the day I take steps to make it happen.” It’s tough to get swallowed up by routine, television, social lives, kids. You name it, there is an excuse. Sometimes it leaves us with no other choice than to give up efforts to fulfill a pipe dream. Tolstoy wrote the infamous novel “War and Peace” while having 13 children. Granted he had a large estate, servants and a wife dedicated to the children. But can you imagine spending any time in a home full of children while organizing your thoughts to write a literary masterpiece? Yes, he had help but I’m inclined to think there was also will to realize a dream of completing his work. They say, the busiest man in the world makes time when he loves a woman. The mad genius skips meals and sleep to bring his invention to life. The amateur writer wanting to go pro will go without rest when the whisper in his ear is calling him to create. What do they have in common?  A focus on what they want, determination to produce and a desire to fulfill a dream or goal. You do what it takes and you don’t let anyone get in the way – mostly, yourself.

The autobahn in Germany is the most well-known highway in the world. Known for its high velocity and lack of restrictions on speed limits. It’s the pavement you should visualize when you set your hands on the wheel to drive to destination, dreams. Don’t surrender, do the complete opposite. Try instead to push through to the other side using all your wit and might until you acquire the prize. There is no reason you can’t get to the finish line. I will give you 3 reasons to put your foot on the gas taking it to the limit – no mercy!

  1. The last person to ever give up on is yourself. Believe you are worth it. Everyone else will follow suit. There is no other right choice.
  2. There is a plan bigger than you. Accept and trust the process. Disappointments will arise – sure they will! Take them in stride using it as fuel to kick down the doors that are slammed in your face – rejection happens to everyone. The so-called “failures” you have along the way are lessons required on path to greatness. These moments will not define you but giving up your dream might, so fight back. Real wins are in the difficult challenges you overcome. Anyone can do easy.
  3. Life is short not leaving us with a lot of time bring to fruition the things we wish for. Each day is a gift and a chance to realize a goal or dream. Grab hold of life with both hands. Amazing stuff can happen when you open your eyes to the possibilities in life.

The work of the past year has diminished my sleep and time. Miraculously, I’ve revved up more creative and inner energy than ever before pushing me to find my “something.” I stopped dwelling on the pain instead turning life’s lessons to inspire other women. A passion for writing has brought me to my purpose. In July 2019, I gave birth to Awakened-Woman. It’s a place where women from all over the globe can gather to share experiences. It is meant as a line of support for those in need of encouragement, hope and to feel empowered. It is a call to arms for women in every corner of the world to unite and embrace each other. If my experiences can help others, I’d not only have fulfilled a dream but realized my purpose in life.

I encourage female readers and men, as well. Get in your vehicle of life. Go full throttle until your last breath. Don’t just conform to exist. Live a life worthy of you. One that fills your heart with joy.

Seek to find out who you truly are, accepting the strengths and weaknesses you discover. Ask yourself what do you want your life to look like then begin the work.

What does your dream look like?

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