Does Love Really Conquer All?

Films with this theme have been produced in the thousands. Romantics like myself want to believe that love always wins. Reality tells a different story which we learn as adults.

I have a special place in my heart for romance novels with happy endings. Enjoying the idea that two people in love can beat the odds. Surely, I can’t be the exception. If I were the Hallmark movie channel would go out of business.

I fell in love with my second husband. It was a blind and fierce devotion. He could do no wrong in my eyes. It was a magical time, as they say ignorance is bliss. The lack of awareness kept me in a bubble of sorts causing a fault. It hindered me from seeing not only my truths. It limited my perception of the real person behind the man I was in love with during this whimsical ride.

Undeniably, he was of good heart and didn’t harm me unintentionally. However, he broke my heart. He possessed a selfishness that clashed with my relentless need to give. The imbalance dragged me down causing me to lose myself in the relationship. I think as women, we have an innate need to take care of our loved ones. Part of our happiness comes from surrendering to love.

My marriage of 10 years ended. My desire to reclaim parts of me created a riff that we couldn’t come back from. My hunger to feel whole again cut into what I had already given him. Self-love defeated my love for him. So, for me love did conquer.

Today, I’m a much more balanced woman. I put into my relationships as much as I can without losing the essence of the woman I’ve become. Love is all around me. It starts within and touches every aspect of my life.

It takes more than love to make a relationship work. Whether it’s the relationship with a partner, family member, friend or within. Love is all around us. From where I’m standing, love always wins as long as you don’t allow it to die inside of you.

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