Fun in Sin City Without Breaking Any Commandments

Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the United States. As an adult, a trip there can be similar to a ride on a roller coaster. It’s not a place to relax or sleep. Everything  you could ever want is on a little stretch located south of city limits. The electrifying 4.2 miles is filled with bright lights, live shows, clubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants, bars and plenty of luxury retail to leave you starry-eyed. The fantasy can come at high cost for those looking to lose themselves temporarily in a world of fun and bad behavior. Before the city formally legalized gambling and prostitution was made illegal this was the spot to find it all – good and bad. People had access to just about any sin as long as they could afford it. Gambling with an overflow of alcohol to keep you sedated while you spend your dollars freely. Gentlemen clubs, specialty adult shops and anything that might break a commandment or two. “Sin City” was born in the early 1900’s.  Still today, it continues to offer its visitors all types of indulgences. Totally, up to you whether you take the bait.

Post-divorce my visits to Las Vegas served as an escape from reality. It was a place of anonymity which I needed at the time. No one knew my story or cared about my history. Trips to the city provided a clean slate for a few days. It was what I needed at the time. A breakup or loss of any kind can leave us not only hurt but sometimes jaded. It was never necessary to explain rhyme or reason for my pain. Living in the moment got me through the anguish I had been living with during this time. No judgment passed or questions asked giving me the freedom to be whoever I wanted to be.

Most recently, I took a trip there to see the “All I Have Jennifer Lopez” show. It had been close to 7 years since my last trip to the city of misbehaving. I’m a different person than I was during that time. It’s truly eye-opening how perspective can change everything. During my divorce it felt like a place to fallback on as short-term relief from the chaos in my life. This time around, I’m in a sound state of mind. My heart is full as is my life. The love that surrounds me grounds the woman standing in front of the mirror. Self-love gives me confidence, strength and courage to stand tall and proud. The so-called “failure” I believed would define me years ago has instead produced wisdom that empowers me. The disappointment  has helped shape my character in a way that I’m not sure anything else could. This trip was a reminder for me to continue to live, love and dream the future I want for myself. There is more work ahead but I can carve the life envisioned by staying on the right side of things.

In short, the experience in ‘Sin City’ will be whatever you want it to be. It can be mischievous fun, reckless endangerment or good safe fun. Your mindset determines what type of entertainment you attract. Each one of us chooses their own path. We make choices that lead to a consequence. Is there a right or wrong way? The jury still out, I believe there is your way. Do what is best for you secure in the knowledge that it will be right for your well-being. There will always be influences that draw us out of our comfort zone. My suggestion – whatever you choose make it beneficial for your spirit.

Vegas baby!

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    1. Thank you! Happy you like the. blog. I’ve learned it’s all perspective and what you do with situations you are placed in. Appreciate your support. Keep reading and spread the word to all women you know. We need to start standing together. We will all be stronger for it.


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